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The last fundraising plea for Ethan’s Avengers

October 9, 2014

The shirts are here and the walk is set for Saturday.

So, this is my last fundraising plea – until I get around to looking at the boy’s Yankee Candle stuff for school.

You can make a donation here (Give Now). Or you can come walk with us on Saturday (Join My Team).

Here’s why you should.

As an eternal realist – some say pessimist – I have waited for the day when I get a call from school. One like this where a couple of kids thought it might be funny to duct tape an autistic child to a soccer goal.

Fortunately, we’ve experienced nothing that rises to that level.

Ethan’s classmates, or at least the vast majority of them, are wonderful. They comfort him when he gets frustrated, or gently remind him to follow the rules. They even rat him out to the teacher when he pockets the cool compass from art class.

Why do they do this? Education.

They know Ethan. They’ve asked enough questions to their teachers and parents about Autism. They know he’s a smart, sweet kid and they want to see him succeed.

The Autism Society of North Carolina is one of the organizations out there committed to raising awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shanna and I were lost, scared and confused when we began our journey with ASD. The Autism Society of North Carolina helped us find the path – one that has led us to a happy and healthy place.

That’s why I support them.

I hope you will, too.