North Carolina’s mass exodus – step away from the ledge

It’s tough for me to generate any real amount of sympathy for my North Carolina-loving friends.

Yes, I have friends.

Anyway, it seems that some members of Tar Heel nation are, well, blue at the early departures of Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes and John Henson for the NBA.

Some are questioning Barnes’ heart, Henson’s toughness and Marshall’s character while others are railing against a system that’s bad for college basketball.

Or, if a truth serum were in play, bad for Carolina.

The truth is on the other side of the spectrum.

What could be better than to have FOUR Tar Heels drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft this summer? You can’t buy better exposure for your school and your program.

Kids want to play in the league. Period.

They tend to notice when schools send guys there.

OK, a title would have been nice, but still – if you recruit top-tier players, some of them are not going to hang around for four years.

Even at Carolina.

Let’s assume that James Michael McAdoo stays around for his sophomore season. With him and the fifth-rated recruiting class (which I think the exodus may make a little better), the Tar Heels will still be favored for a top-three finish in the ACC.

I realize that having Carolina blue blood pumping through your veins means that the standard is set a little higher. And I know that this season, one filled with expectations, left much to be desired.

But imagine a world like the one I live in as a Clemson fan – a world where you get one McDonald’s All-American a decade if you’re lucky.

In short, the sun will still rise in Chapel Hill the day after Midnight Madness this fall, when your new group of heroes wearing the most recognizable colors in college basketball will take the floor.

And the sky, and to some degree, the world will still be a nice shade of Carolina blue.


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