Quick hitters – Wednesday, March 14

I’m going to start writing here more.


Anyway, let’s get busy:

Peyton Manning is going to Denver. Makes too much sense for him not too. Dallas Clark will wind up there as well.

The Magic should trade Dwight Howard before Thursday’s deadline. There’s no way he’s signing an extension.

If the first two games of the NCAA Tournament are any indication, we’re in for a heck of a ride. Iona blew a 25-point lead against BYU and Mississippi Valley State coughed up a 16-point cushion in the last five minutes against BYU. I’m 0-2 in those games, which thankfully don’t count on my brackets.

Speaking of that, I wonder if the fact that – out of 32 first-round games – I was only sure about 13 of them means that I over-analyze these games? I watch about 100 games a year, so I tend to see the possibilities in a lot of teams. Perhaps if I just picked the toughest mascots I would have a better winning percentage in these bracket challenges.

In case you’re wondering, I have won money in three tournament pools in my 20-plus years of playing. The first was in high school, even though I had Michigan beating Carolina in the title game. I had the entire Final Four right and something like 14 of the Sweet 16. The next was in college, where I actually cut a deal with the guy running second to split the pot no matter who won the title game. That was a good move, since UCLA beat Arkansas. Technically, I finished second. But the money spent the same. The last was a few years back, when Kansas lost to Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse in the title game. Took second that year too.

As a Redskin fan, I’m hopeful that the megadeal for the second overall pick works out. As a journalist, I’m skeptical that it will.


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