Peyton vs. Eli and the proximity effect

The first couple of times I heard these questions, I didn’t think much of them:

“Is Eli Manning now better than his brother? Or will he be if he wins his second Super Bowl title?”

But I’ve heard some variation of this theme tent staked into the ground by the army of talking heads at the four-letter for the last week or so, and I just can’t stand it anymore.

This is sheer lunacy.

On no planet, especially this one, is Eli Manning a better quarterback than his older brother, Peyton.

I don’t care if Eli’s Giants win the Super Bowl on Sunday – giving Eli ring No. 2. It still won’t make any difference.

How quickly we as sports fans forget that which we can’t see.

Peyton Manning hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since the 2010 playoffs, and people start forgetting what a transcendent talent he is.

Here are Peyton’s career stats, courtesy of Pro Football Reference:

And here are Eli’s stats:

Pick a stat and have a look. Touchdowns? Peyton. Completion percentage? Peyton.

On and on, kids. On and on.

Now, I’ve heard the ring debate before.

Player X is better than Player Y because he has more rings…

Stop it. Just stop it.

Trent Dilfer has a ring and Dan Marino doesn’t. Is there really any debate about which player was better? Football is a team game, and contrary to popular opinion, quarterbacks rarely win or lose games all by themselves.

I love Eli Manning, and I think he’s really raised his game in recent years.

But just because Peyton’s NFL appearances are limited to his array of ads on TV, let’s not forget that he’s in the discussion of being the best ever.

So, one would think he has best in the family locked up.



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