Clemson’s freshly squeezed effort in the Orange Bowl

Have you ever passed by an awful wreck on the highway, one with cars mangled, metal twisted and the flashing lights of emergency workers drawing attention from a mile away?

You have to look at it, right?

That was me in the third quarter of last night’s 70-33 beatdown of Clemson by West Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

No one would have blamed me for turning off the TV and going to bed. I even picked up the remote once or twice and aimed it at the screen.

I couldn’t do it, though.

I just couldn’t turn away.

It was so horrific and awful as a Tiger fan that I had to sit there and soak in the shame of it all.

Being a big picture guy, I’d still like to classify this season as a success. The team won 10 games and a league title, after all.

But 70 points?

That’s not a score, that’s a statement.

I’m not a fire the coach guy, but we need a lamb on the altar for that game last night.

Paging (defensive coordinator) Kevin Steele…

I would like to take a moment and thank my coworkers and Facebook friends for taking it easy on me this morning. One can handle only so much abuse.

I did read a good joke on Twitter:

“The last time a team from the South got beaten that badly, slavery ended.”

Yeah, but at least the Confederacy put up a fight.

So, I went to sleep last night a bitter, enraged Clemson fan.

I woke up very much the same way.

But I tip my cap to West Virginia for a top-notch performance. And no, I don’t care that they were running up the score.

It’s their job to score.

It’s our job to stop them.

That’s defense, or at least, it should be.


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