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News on James Harrison, Chris Paul and Tim Tebow

December 14, 2011

OK, let’s dive right in:

James Harrison is a muppet

No, really. The NFL slapped him with a one-game suspension for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland’s Colt McCoy.

He says he won’t change the way he plays.

I say keep adding games to the suspensions until he does.

Free Chris Paul

The NBA is running the Hornets exactly as one would expect – with both eyes on the bottom line.

Find an owner for the New Orleans Hornets or contract them.

Anything to get Paul and the daily trade stories out of the lead story on SportsCenter.

Tim Tebow

If my son liked sports, I’d buy him a Tim Tebow jersey.

Or 10.

He’s a great kid who, no matter how ugly, keeps winning games.

I don’t care about his future. I’m just enjoying the ride.