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Autism: Turning parenting into a game show

September 12, 2011

Anyone with experience with Autism knows that one of the most frustrating aspects of the disorder is its uniqueness – no two cases are exactly alike.

So you can read all the books, talk to other parents and even ask your doctor for advice. What you get is advice, not absolutes.

As useful as that is, it makes parenting difficult.

I’m thinking of making a game show out of it. We can call it “Autism, Nine Year Old or Capps.”

When Ethan announces “toddlers annoy me” to the room after a sweet young toddler bounded around giving everyone kisses, is that (cue game show host voice) “Autism, Nine Year Old or Capps!”

In this case, the room was at a crowded and likely loud baby shower. My guess would be Autism and a little Capps. Capps, you say? Well, I hate crowds, his grandfather hated crowds and, from what I’ve been told, his great-grandfather hated crowds.

He probably does too.

When someone calls him a sweet little boy and he responds with “I’m a hundred percent man,” is that “Autism, Nine Year Old or Capps!”

Well, this time, I lean towards Nine Year Old. We probably let him watch too many things we shouldn’t.

Good thing poor parenting isn’t an option…

Despite these challenges, Ethan is a wonderful young man and a light in every room he enters. He’s an absolute joy and I’m more proud of being his father than I am of anything else I’ve ever done.

Thanks to the support of organizations like the Autism Society of North Carolina, I can type those things and mean them.

Join me in support of this great organization with a donation for the annual Triangle Run/Walk for Autism. Sign up to run or walk, or simply make a donation.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Consider that thought as your lovely parting gift…

Make a donation today!