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A red-letter day

May 14, 2011


We’re live from Highland United Methodist Church in our state capital for the graduation celebration of my wife, Shanna Byrd Capps.

Yep, my first live blog from a church or graduation.

Shut up, conventional wisdom.

Anyway, I don’t really have the words to express how proud I am of my bride today.

So let’s tell the story while I think of some.

She went to Winthrop in the fall of 1997 and learned how to live away from home.

It didn’t work out so well, and she came home in March of 1998.

Hey, at least she got to meet me, right?

Anyway, she went back to school at Coker College satellite campus for Communications in 2001.

That was going OK, until life threw a change up. So, she stopped.

But we got an Ethan out of that deal…

After a few years jousting with the rigors of autism, she tried again – enrolling at Vance-Granville in 2007.

This time, it stuck. She got her Associate Degree in 2009, enrolled at N.C. State right after and – whenever they mail it – she’ll get her B.A. in Leadership in the Public Sector.

It basically means she’s awesome.

Anyway, it’s about as proud as I’ve ever been.

Great job, Shanna.

I love you!