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Banging on Boise

August 23, 2010

Boise State players celebrate for the cameras after they defeated Texas Christian University 17-10 in the Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ, January 4, 2010. UPI/Art Foxall Photo via Newscom

Part of my morning commute includes a dose of Rivals Radio, where Bill King and a laundry list of guests and callers talk college sports in general – and college football in particular.

The season is approaching, which means the shows are getting better and better.

Except, that is, for one thing.

Why is everyone hating on Boise State?

Apparently, the plucky underdogs with the blue turf were lovable when they were beating Oklahoma and TCU in BCS bowls, but slap a preseason top-5 ranking on them and the knives suddenly come out.

Here is the list of most common complaints I’ve heard over the past few weeks, and the reasons they’re absurd:

1. If they played in the SEC…

OK, let’s get this out there. The WAC sucks. It’s seven layers of awful and six of them are poo.

So, the Broncos, as the absolute class of that joke of a league, have what amounts as a free ride through most of the season.

So, a caller will say, “there’s no way Boise could win the SEC. They’d get killed.”

Through the course of a season, with this roster, yeah.

But if you put could magically place Boise State in the SEC, don’t you think their recruiting would tick up several notches? The days of the Broncos taking PAC-10  left-overs and turning them into quality players would be over. Instead, they’d get the four and five-star kids.

Imagine how good they’d be then.

2. They don’t deserve to be in the top five…

Really? Why?

In case you missed it, Boise State went 14-0 last season. Five of those wins were against bowl teams and the sixth was against TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

From that team there are 20 starters returning.

That’s right. TWENTY.

They’re good enough.

How good? Good enough to beat Virginia Tech. Good enough to go unbeaten again, and good enough to play for the national title this season.

Are they good enough to win that game?

This should be the year we find out.