The shotgun approach

I find myself in an unusual position this morning.

I actually have time to write something.

There are a few things worth chiming in on, so let’s get to it.

Tiger returns

I don’t get all the fuss about Tiger Woods.

Is it really news that a rich, good looking, entitled guy is a womanizing jerk?

It’s not new, kids.

We were chatting in the newsroom last week before The Masters and a youthful reporter said, “I hope he shoots a 100.”

My answer: “Why? Did he cheat on you?”

Bottom line – I wear Nike shirts because I like them. I bought Nike golf balls the other day because they were on sale and I don’t need sports stars to be my role models.

Neither do you.

I can do without the cussing on the tee, though. My son hears everything…

And, if you’re a Buddhist, do you ever have a good reason to say “Jesus Christ” after snap hooking a drive?

I’m not out there yelling Buddha when I donate a Nike Karma ball to the pond off No. 8 over at Twin Lakes in Dillon…

The curious case of Brad Brownell

I’m a Clemson basketball fan, and I’m a little confused this morning.

The Tigers introduced Brad Brownell as their new head coach yesterday, plucking him from that basketball hotbed Wright State.

Look, I’m not saying he can’t coach. You don’t reach the NCAA Tournament without being able to draw up a decent inbounds play.

My question is this: Can he recruit ACC-level talent?

You can’t win without it. Just ask Dave Leitao, Les Robinson or Larry Shyatt.

I can’t help thinking that the fact that the Clemson athletic department ran a near-million dollar deficit last year had a lot to do with this hire.

He’s not working for free, but we were never paying a buyout for guys like Jeff Capel or Rick Stansbury.

I’m pulling for him, but I’m nervous…


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