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The shotgun approach

April 14, 2010

I find myself in an unusual position this morning.

I actually have time to write something.

There are a few things worth chiming in on, so let’s get to it.

Tiger returns

I don’t get all the fuss about Tiger Woods.

Is it really news that a rich, good looking, entitled guy is a womanizing jerk?

It’s not new, kids.

We were chatting in the newsroom last week before The Masters and a youthful reporter said, “I hope he shoots a 100.”

My answer: “Why? Did he cheat on you?”

Bottom line – I wear Nike shirts because I like them. I bought Nike golf balls the other day because they were on sale and I don’t need sports stars to be my role models.

Neither do you.

I can do without the cussing on the tee, though. My son hears everything…

And, if you’re a Buddhist, do you ever have a good reason to say “Jesus Christ” after snap hooking a drive?

I’m not out there yelling Buddha when I donate a Nike Karma ball to the pond off No. 8 over at Twin Lakes in Dillon…

The curious case of Brad Brownell

I’m a Clemson basketball fan, and I’m a little confused this morning.

The Tigers introduced Brad Brownell as their new head coach yesterday, plucking him from that basketball hotbed Wright State.

Look, I’m not saying he can’t coach. You don’t reach the NCAA Tournament without being able to draw up a decent inbounds play.

My question is this: Can he recruit ACC-level talent?

You can’t win without it. Just ask Dave Leitao, Les Robinson or Larry Shyatt.

I can’t help thinking that the fact that the Clemson athletic department ran a near-million dollar deficit last year had a lot to do with this hire.

He’s not working for free, but we were never paying a buyout for guys like Jeff Capel or Rick Stansbury.

I’m pulling for him, but I’m nervous…


2010 Baseball Preview

April 5, 2010

It’s baseball season, and thus, time for me to make a complete fool out of myself with a few predictions:

A.L. East

1. New York Yankees – The Yanks may be lacking a true bridge from the starters to Mariano Rivera, but on most nights, they’ll be so far ahead it won’t matter.

2. Boston – Lack of offensive punch may force them into a deadline move for a bat, like maybe Adrian Gonzalez’s?

3. Tampa Bay – Would be a legit contender in any other division.

4. Baltimore – Leaving the basement, but still with much work to do to reel in their northern neighbors.

5. Toronto – No Halladay in the pitching staff and a host of roster question have the Jays flying a little lower than usual.

A.L. Central

1. Chicago White Sox – I love Peavy, Danks, Floyd and Buehrle at the top of the rotation. They could top 60 wins right there…

2. Minnesota – New ball park might soften the home field advantage a bit.

3. Detroit – Plenty of pop on offense, but questions remain at the back end of the rotation.

4. Cleveland – The recent trades of CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez has turned this into a young, and not ready, team.

5. Kansas City – Zack Greinke only pitches every fifth day, you know.

A.L. West

1. L.A. Angels of Orange County – Rumors of the Angels’ demise have been greatly exaggerated.

2. Seattle – Will pitch it and field it as well as anyone. But can they hit it?

3. Texas – I need to see a bigger sample size from their pitching staff before I buy into thr hype.

4. Oakland – Moneyball may be on its last legs in Oakland…

N.L. East

1. Philly – Stacked pitching staff and a loaded lineup. Easily the best team in the senior circuit.

2. Atlanta – Braves could make it interesting if Chipper Jones and Tim Hudson can have big years.

3. Florida – Still getting it done with a tiny payroll.

4. New York Mets – Other than a lack of rotation depth and a lineup unsuited for their massive new park, the Mets are doing just fine.

5. Washington – The Nats will be better, but the mountain is high…

N.L. Central

1. St. Louis – I’m not betting against the Cardinals in a lackluster division.

2. Chicago Cubs – They can’t underachieve as much as they did last year, can they?

3. Milwaukee – If they had another proven starter, I could see them making a serious playoff push.

4. Cincinnati – They’re young and talented, but I’m not sure they have the arms yet.

5. Houston – Will play just well enough to beat out the Pirates.

6. Pittsburgh – The never-ending rebuilding project rolls on.

N.L. West

1. Colorado – Good rotation and a solid lineup make the Rockies the favorites.

2. L.A. Dodgers – They didn’t make the offseason moves necessary to compete in this division.

3. San Francisco – Love the pitching, still hate the offense.

4. Arizona – A decent team, but someone has to be last…

N.L. Wildcard – Dodgers

A.L. Wildcard – Boston

World Series – Phillies over Yankees

N.L. Cy Young – Roy Halladay

N.L. MVP – Albert Pujols

A.L. Cy Young – CC Sabathia

A.L. MVP – Alex Rodriguez