Monday thoughts


I continue to be amazed by the absolute snobbery with which the United States and its players are greeted on the world stage – particularly in England.But when my favorite soccer magazine, Four Four Two, posted its list of the world’s Top 100 players, my bemusement reached new heights.

Landon Donovan, easily the best field player we’ve ever produced, was nowhere to be found. Of course, being the proud defender of American soccer that I am, I fired off an e-mail in criticsm of the list.

To their credit, they printed it.

It reads as follows:

I’m a big fan of 442, but I can’t figure out why you’ve left Landon Donovan off the top 100 list of world players.

I realise that, as Americans, we are doomed to second-class citizen status on the world soccer stage, but I would still think that the best player this country has ever produced would warrant a spot on the list ahead of the likes of Ronaldo and Davide Santon.

Donovan has been capped 120 times by the U.S, netting a record 42 goals in those appearances. In addition, he has 36 assists for the national team in those caps, which is also a record.

And he’s only 27 years old.

Still, with quality keepers like Tim Howard and Brad Friedel and outfield players like Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey playing in the Premier League, it’s not a stretch to suggest that Donovan – a more decorated American player than any I just mentioned – might be one of the world’s best 100.

They took out a paragraph and changed “realize” to that unrecognizable British version, but other than that, that’s what I wrote.

And his solid effort in his Everton debut isn’t hurting his cause to be in next year’s top 100 either…

Now, if only the folks at Setanta could bother to spell his name right in the pregame lineup graphic.

The best player ever for a nation ranked in the top 12 in the world, and they spell his name “Donavan.”

Maybe that’s why they’re soon-to-be out of business.


4 Responses to “Monday thoughts”

  1. maca Says:

    Randy can you post the top 100 according to 442

  2. maca Says:

    was just wondering if julio arca made it 🙂

  3. Randy Capps Says:

    442’s top 100….

    100. Ronaldo
    99. Santon
    98. (Javier) Zanetti
    97. Gomez
    96. Akinfeev
    95. Giggs
    94. Chygrynskiy
    93. Palacios
    92. Van Nistelrooy
    91. Gonzalez
    90. Eduardo
    89. Misimovic
    88. Cazorla
    87. Navas
    86. Raul
    85. Van der Sar
    84. Gallas
    83. Ronaldinho
    82. Del Piero
    81. Chamakh
    80. Mutu
    79. Bosingwa
    78. Gignac
    77. Gilardino
    76. Cech
    75. Huntelaar
    74. Dzeko
    73. Pepe
    72. Zhirkov
    71. Clichy
    70. Milito
    69. Grafite
    68. Tevez
    67. Cassano
    66. Srna
    65. Van Persie
    64. Motta
    63. Fabiano
    62. Melo
    61. Modric
    60. Chiellini
    59. Lahm
    58. Reina
    57. Robinho
    56. Tymoschuk
    55. Cambiasso
    54. Totti
    53. Pirlo
    52. Senna
    51. Pique
    50. Higuain
    49. Ballack
    48. Sneijder
    47. Carvalho
    46. Ramos
    45. Silva
    44. Berbatov
    43. Kanoute
    42. Anelka
    41. Diarra
    40. Robben
    39. (Yaya) Toure
    38. Adebayor
    37. Gourcuff
    36. Alonso
    35. Buffon
    34. Terry
    33. Evra
    32. Pato
    31. Aguero
    30. De Rossi
    29. Benzema
    28. Cole
    27. Mascherano
    26. Henry
    25. Alves
    24. Diego
    23. Cesar
    22. Vidic
    21. Forlan
    20. Fabregas
    19. Ribery
    18. Essien
    17. Maicon
    16. Casillas
    15. Arshavin
    14. Drogba
    13. Ibrahimovic
    12. Ferdinand
    11. Lampard
    10. Rooney
    9. Eto’o
    8. Kaka
    7. Gerrard
    6. Torres
    5. Villa
    3= Iniesta
    3= Xavi
    2. Ronaldo
    1. Messi (Four Four Two)

  4. maca Says:

    its all a matter of personal opinion but there are others left off the list that could have made it….i can see how Donovan didn’t making it if you look at others left off.

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