Goal of the Year?

It’s not a particularly important goal, but Maynor Figueroa’s 61-yard strike for Wigan against Stoke was just plain awesome.

Didn’t see it?

Check it out:


5 Responses to “Goal of the Year?”

  1. Gregory Phillips Says:

    That took a lot of gumption, since he’d have looked pretty silly if it had missed.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I guess that’s why most coaches tell you to stand in front of the ball to delay quick starts/shots. You sometimes even see a player pick up the ball to slow down play.
    still a great decision for the player to have a go at a goal.

  3. darron ward Says:

    Yes extremely bright & alert.
    Remember a certain Mr Beckam doing it very early in his career also.
    Randy – you should start a competition to see who has scored the “longest” goal from a dead ball situation.
    My money is on Paul Robinson, when he played for Spurs, scored from a free kick just outside his 18yd box.
    Granted it took a bounce but still sailed over the keepers head – I think it was against West Brom & Scott Carson – so 2 Engalnd keepers involved.
    Up the Toon !!!

  4. Randy Capps Says:

    I saw one on youtube that was from just to the left of the box against Watford and Ben Foster. That was a nice one.

    Gotta love those English keepers…

  5. Tina Ray Says:

    He’s got swagga that anyone could love.

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