Thursday notebook

Soccer season is officially over region-wide as Pinecrest fell to Green Hope, 2-1 last night.

I have to say, despite my concerns over penalty decisions, Pinecrest was an impressive side when I saw them recently. I’ve had players on other teams tell me how impressed they were with the Patriots as well.

Todd Abbey deserves a lot of credit for what’s he’s done with that program since the whole Larry Martin dust-up.

Shameless plug

Someone you know wrote an EPL preview for Go check it out.

Theirry Henry and France rob Ireland

Call it another reason to dislike France or yet another brick in the wall of evidence that FIFA needs to either add officials or adopt some form of video replay, but France cheated its way into the World Cup in Paris last night.

It’s a shame, really.

All-area team

I’m accepting coaches’ nominations for the all-area team. Everyone of them should have an e-mail from me. So, if you’re a coach, send me some nominations. If you’re a player or fan, ask your coach to do it.

I had a very good response last season, and I’m hoping for more of the same.


One Response to “Thursday notebook”

  1. darron ward Says:

    Hi Randy
    Wouldnt it have been good for sport and in particular soccer if Thierry Henry “put his hand up” and said “No Goal I handled it !” Imagine what it would do for the credibilty of the beautiful game let alone his reputation.
    Henry has won everything that is possible to win – World Cup, Champions League, English Premier etc etc. He is no better than Marradonna and his “hand of god”.
    Also you have got to lookat FIFA seedings by Platini & Blatter – strange how France & Germany were given easy rides.
    The whole thing stinks and I feel for Ireland, even though I am English I still like fair play to be done.
    Lest hope the French have some morals and conscience and ask FIFA for a replay.
    Ok Now I have come down off my high horse – UP THE TOON !!!

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