No excuses

I’m a slacker.

I really am.

I just have to do a better job of maintaining this space. As a Oriole fan, I know there’s nothing worse than an absentee owner.

Way to go, baseball!

I have to admit it. I was shocked when Zack Greinke won the American League’s Cy Young Award.

Not because I don’t think he’s deserving. No, he’s a stud.

I’m just shocked they didn’t punish him for pitching for the Royals.

No, pitching in the American League for a bad club, he went 16-8 with a floss-like 2.16 ERA.

Wow. Just wow.

Brainless in Buffalo

Dick Jauron was fired yesterday as coach of the Buffalo Bills, making him the winner of the “sack race” – or the dubious honor of being the first coach fired this season.

Well, since he was 24 up and 33 down as coach of the Bills, I can’t say he didn’t deserve it.

But when you consider for a moment that general manager Russ Brandon thought it might be a good idea to enter the season with two starting rookie tackles and Jauron thought it was a good plan to can his offensive coordinator the week before the season started – you could sort of see this coming.

And Terrell Owens?


I saw someone on a messageboard call for Mike Ditka to come in and be the guy next year.

I’ll buy that. But only if Levy serves as the GM. We know what happens when Ditka controls draft picks. 

P90X update

That’s right. Hold down the snickering. I’m doing P90X.

If you think I’m posting a picture of my fat self, though, you have another thing coming.

But I did pull off 80 minutes of yoga last night.

And it was way harder than I thought.

Four days down, 86 to go…




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