Terry Sanford advances

Apparently, CJ Komons has a Mohawk now.

Just waiting on Scottie Custer (or anyone else) to hook me up with a photo…

Seriously, I came away very impressed with the Bulldogs’ 4-1 win over Knightdale tonight.

If I were giving match grades, Rocket Court and Scott Plummer get 10s, Plummer and Zack Adkins would get 9s and Mark Sears and Tiger Court would rate somewhere around an 8.5. Each of those players were the sparkplugs of a total team effort that produced 80 minutes of high-quality soccer.

As I type this, Pinecrest and Hoggard are in overtime. So check back later to find out which of those teams will be visiting Fayetteville in mid-week.


One Response to “Terry Sanford advances”

  1. hssprtsnut Says:

    Pinecrest over Hoggard 2-1, sets up a rematch with T. Sanford (Pinecrest won the match 2-0 convincing, but it was back in August). Should be a great match! Match will be played at T. Sanford Tues or Wed. Interesting to note that three of the T. Sanford players play on a very good club team – ’91 Sandhill Celtic, that about a dozen of the Pinecrest players are on. They know each other well!

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