Bulldogs and Bucs, round three

Jack Britt’s Ryan Nusbaum works to keep the ball away from Terry Sanford Wednesday night at Terry Sanford. Staff photo by Ashley Cross

I get the feeling that there’s an impression out there that I’m not a fan of the Terry Sanford soccer team.

That, as my friend and resident newsroom Englishman Greg Phillips would say, is “bollocks.”

Last Wednesday, I covered the regular season match between Terry Sanford and Jack Britt. It was a rousing win for the Bulldogs, highlighted by four goals from Rocket Court.

I guess my story didn’t provide enough praise for some folks, as about this time last week, my phone rang.

“What’d you think of the game,” a voice asked from the other end of the line. “I thought Terry Sanford looked pretty good,” I replied.

“Did you think it was close,” was the next query. “No, not really. Physical is the word I’d use,” I said.

My reporter skills weren’t working before lunch, so I didn’t ask for a name. But I got the message.

Clearly there’s a misunderstanding out there that I should take a moment or two to clear up.


Terry Sanford is the best team in the county. They’re a deep, talented and athletic side with a style and skill level that should translate well when they start facing out-of-county folks in the postseason.

But before that journey begins, there’s a bit of business to attend to first.

The Mid-South Conference Tournament final is tonight. The seeds won’t change for the postseason no matter what, but this is a game that both teams would love to win.

I’m going, and I’m hoping for a more flowing (read: fewer fouls) match than I saw last time.

Britt will work hard for 80 minutes. They will have their chances. But a 10-2 aggregate score line is not an accident.

The Bulldogs have to be favored to pull off the double tonight.

Check back here later and see how it turned out…


One Response to “Bulldogs and Bucs, round three”

  1. Brian Says:

    Did I miss an article on the second round of private school play? Didnt see it posted on print…..however, truly an upset from # 2 ranked Fayetteville Academy as High Point Christian ,seeded 7th, moved forward with a 2-1 victory. High Point led during the whole game. On another note, #1 ranked St.David’s rolls on……funny how just last year they cancelled the games between fayetteville Christian and from what was told to me the other day, they did the same to FA. Gotta be some great recruitment going on there up north!! Looking forward to another great season next year, just hoping a team from fay can bring home the #1, like Academy did last year. Village gave a good shot at it this year too!! Cheers to all Fay teams!!!

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