Hitting the low notes

Consider this an open letter to Daniel Snyder and the Redskins.

See this guy? He’s Vinny Cerrato, VP of football operations, or, in simpler terms, the idiot who created the fuster cluck that is the Washington Redskins’ roster and coaching staff.

As a lifelong Redskins fan, I make the following vow. If he is not fired at season’s end, I’m out.

I deserve better than what I watched last night. I deserve better than a head coach that was hired to be an offensive coordinator, promoted when bigger names refused the head coaching job and then stripped of his play calling duties in favor of a guy that’s been calling bingo numbers in Michigan.

Hollywood wouldn’t make that movie. Too far fetched.

I deserve better than a quarterback who’s too timid, an offensive line that’s awful, a running back that’s too slow, receivers that lack speed and an owner with more money than brains – by some margin.

Jim Zorn is a dead man walking. He’s clearly out.

Cerrato joins him, or I’m out, too.

Bob Griese sticks foot in mouth

Some folks should just shut up.

A lot.

Griese earned a week suspension from the four-letter for a joke he made on air over the weekend.

During the Minnesota-Ohio State game on Saturday, a graphic was shown listing the top five drivers in NASCAR’s points race. A booth mate asked: Where was (Juan Pablo) Montoya?

Griese said, “Out having a taco.”

Funny. Real funny.

Psst, Bob. Montoya’s from Columbia.

They don’t eat tacos.




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2 Responses to “Hitting the low notes”

  1. Brad Says:

    Gonna be a Cowboys fan next year?

  2. Mike Bollinger Says:

    Someone check Montoya’s green card.

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