Britt/Terry Sanford, the morning after


By now, you’ve probably heard that Terry Sanford clipped Jack Britt last night to win the Mid-South Conference title.

You can read the story here.

If you want, you can also hear my interviews with Nat Bunphithak and C.J. Komons in their unedited form.

Now, let’s empty the notebook:

Dropping a marker 

Even if the 5-0 scoreline a few weeks back was a bit flattering, Terry Sanford served notice that it is the undisputed king of the Mid-South Conference this season. Even playing without 20-goal scorer Kemji Nwuosu, the Bulldogs created more chances and controlled the ball for much of the night.

A contact sport?

The cards and fouls came in bunches last night – so much so that pretty much anybody that got a foot to the ball immediately wanted to play it away to someone else. I’m all for getting stuck in, but games played with that level of physicality don’t flow well and end up being too choppy to give a neutral a good show.

In flight

I like Rocket Court’s skill set. He’s fast, good on the ball and has a good shot. But as good as he is as a forward, I like it when he’s out on the wing. Of course, I like a good cross that leads to a headed goal – like the one Nwuosu scored on a Court pass in the playoffs last year.

Heart and hustle

Injuries and player discipline hampered the Buccaneers last night, but they deserve credit for working hard and trying to hold back the Bulldog attack. I thought Kelvin Jordan and Daniel Camps worked hard up front and caused problems for the hosts. Britt was especially dangerous on set pieces, thanks to taller players like Camps, Garrett Rasmussen and Ross Carroll.

Round three?

The conference tournament is set for next week, and while the overall importance of the event is open for debate, it’s a tournament that Terry Sanford is set on winning. It’s quite possible that these two teams could meet again in the final, though I’m sure Cape Fear and the rest of the league would like to spoil the seeding.

Could be interesting…


One Response to “Britt/Terry Sanford, the morning after”

  1. Mike Says:

    Why do you root for Terry Sanford so hard? Did you graduate from that hole or what?

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