Live from Terry Sanford

It’s 11 minutes (plus a Senior Night ceremony) from kickoff here at Terry Sanford High as Jack Britt comes calling for a game that will decide the Mid-South soccer championship.

Both teams have a league loss, as the Bulldogs fell to Cape Fear before handing Britt a 5-0 loss at The Boneyard a few weeks ago.

We’ve got a photographer and a writer in place, so obviously you can “read all about it” tomorrow.

Back with more later…

Senior Night honorees are: Preston Rich, Chase Christianson, Jeremy Jefferson, Scott Plummer, Zack Adkins, Scottie Custer and Rocket Court.

HALFTIME – Jamie Violette scored in the 26th minute and Rocket Court added another goal on an assist from his brother, Tiger, in the 34th minute and the Bulldogs have a 2-0 lead at recess…


One Response to “Live from Terry Sanford”

  1. ftssoccer Says:

    everybody thought that the 5-0 win at jack britt was a fluke or just a really good day.. but twice 🙂

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