Argentina’s miracle

Maybe you’ve heard about Argentina’s stoppage time winner against Peru over the weekend, a win that kept the famous soccer nation’s World Cup hopes alive.

It was a goal that thrilled a nation and inspired one of the world’s greatest living soccer legends – current Argentina coach Diego Maradona – to do a belly slide in celebration.

It’s about 90 seconds worth of video that explains why I love this sport.

Passion. Absolute passion.


3 Responses to “Argentina’s miracle”

  1. darron ward Says:

    Hi Randy
    I watched this live in the UK, probably one of the best celebrations by a manager I have seen – it even ranks with Jose “special one” Mourhino sliding on his knees at Old Trafford.

    Good Shout Randy !
    Up the Toon !

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    Ah, the Special One.

    He is fantastic…

  3. darron ward Says:

    Yes he is the Special One – he learned his trade from the finest manager and man ever to come from Soccer – Sir Bobby Robson.
    Jose was Sir Bobbys “translator / buffer” when he was manager at Barca.
    Any man who learns from Sir Bobby has the chance to be special.

    Up the Toon
    P.S. or as Bobby would say “haway the lads”

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