Kicking Autism to the curb

ethan and me

Saturday was a great day.

Me and several thousand of my closest friends gathered in Raleigh to walk (a lot) and raise money for my favorite charity, the Autism Society of North Carolina.

It’s my favorite charity because my son, Ethan, battles the disorder.

Ethan’s Angels won the team spirit award, in part because of our awesome shirts and cool halos, but mainly because Ethan lights up a three-square block area wherever he goes.

Even if he did ask for a piggy back ride ( a short one, pictured above) and bailed out after the first mile.

Some of us, including two of my two best friends in the ink-stained wretch business, Mike Bollinger and Bryan Hanks.

It’s amazing how much you can break down Virginia athletics in a single 5K walk…

Consider this a thank-you note for anyone and everyone who donated, offered support, read any one of my columns on the event or took a minute to learn something about Autism.

Props to my college roommate, Frank Spurlock, for a superior T-shirt design. My parents and wife deserve the most credit, doing all the leg work to help our team raise money and have a successful walk.

Me? I just type a lot.

Before you go, know this: 

Autism now affects one in every 91 children. If it hasn’t touched your life yet, it most likely will one day soon.

And until they make the magic pill that sends Autism to the history books, I’m going to keep on walking.


3 Responses to “Kicking Autism to the curb”

  1. Catching up « The Sports Page Says:

    […] I know the feeling. […]

  2. Frank Spurlock Says:

    Thanks for the props, Capps!

  3. The art of procrastination perfected « The Sports Page Says:

    […] So, anyway, we’re walking in the one-miler this year – since the boy always gets tired around then. […]

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