Thoughts from The Boneyard

Terry Sanford was a rude guest last night in a 5-0 win over Jack Britt.

Wait, you didn’t read the story?

Go read it.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts:

  • When you push your midfielders forward, you have to do the same with your backline. When that backline lacks a speed guy to deter through balls and the opposing team has fast forwards, easy scoring opportunities are the result. Rocket Court and Kemji Nwuoso spent the better part of 70 minutes running at the Jack Britt goal, and the Bucs never really found an answer.
  • Lane Erwin’s celebration – sprinting from the penalty box for about 60 yards to celebrate with his teammates in the Terry Sanford half of the field – after he scored the fifth goal in the 77th minute drew some criticism from the home fans. But since the reserves were in and it was, after all, his first varsity goal, I’m inclined to give him a pass.
  • The score flatters Terry Sanford a little. The fourth and fifth goals came in the last 10 minutes, when both teams were substituting liberally. That, and the fact that Britt controlled the match for the first 15 or 20 minutes, makes the five-goal margin a little deceiving.
  • CJ Komons did a nice job rotating his forwards in and out, keeping fresh legs on the pitch and pressure on the Britt defense.
  • Both Court and Britt’s Garrett Rasmussen caused problems for the opposing defenders. Court just cashed in on those chances a little bit better.

Terry Sanford was the better side last night, but the return match on Oct. 21 might be a touch more competitive.


11 Responses to “Thoughts from The Boneyard”

  1. Rhino Coach Says:

    Much love to my Bucs, keep working hard.
    Props to TS on the win.

  2. James Says:

    Britt had numerous opportunities in the first half but couldn’t convert. The team is much improved!

  3. Randy Capps Says:

    I don’t think the Bulldogs are five goals better than Britt.

    The Bucs need to do a better job of cashing in on their scoring chances, however.

  4. nickelo Says:

    A soccer official told me that TS was the most carded team Raleigh east. Is that true?

  5. Randy Capps Says:

    Having seen matches played at the 1A/2A level, where the players aren’t as skilled, I find that hard to believe.

  6. Mark Sears Says:

    Lane Erwin’s celebration was not intended to insult anyone. I have known this young man for several years and he is a polite and considerate player who leaves it all in the field. I really think the comments about him were not necessary but you have freedom of speech. It was overall a very clean game considering the players from both teams know each other well. These two teams come to compete and will always play hard. I think the soccer community should come out for the final game between these teams and watch top players from Cumberland county compete.

  7. Keely Says:

    I must agree with Mark on this one. Lane Erwin’s celebration was not to celebrate a goal to put FTS ahead by 1 more point, but a celebration of finally accomplishing what he’s been working for all season. Any other player would have done the same. As for Terry Sanford not being 5 goals better than Jack Britt I would have to disagree. I was at the game and although Jack Britt had plenty of chances, they could not penetrate Terry Sanford’s defense. What I’m trying to say is, give FTS thier props on a win that they worked hard for and deserved. They gave it thier all and left it out on the field. As for the 21st.. hope to see you there!

  8. ftssoccer Says:

    keely and mark sears, could not have said it any better

  9. D4WG$ 4 L!F3 Says:

    Dont hate us cuz u aint us…(Jack Britt)

  10. Cal Violette Says:

    Terry Sanford deserved to win the game but I agree that the outcome could have been considerably closer had Jack Britt capitalized on a few of their opportunities. I am sure the next game will be a toss up and whoever makes the fewest mistakes will prevail. High school athletes are going to show their emotions during the course of a game and the actions by one of Terry Sanford’s players to celebrate his first goal were not intended to offend. I think Jack Britt fans were most upset by the cheers from a small student section that seemed a little distasteful and maybe a bit premature but they are kids showing spirit for their school. Jack Britt has always played with class and Terry Sanford tries to reciprocate the same attitude and effort.

  11. Brian Says:

    Mark Sears!!!! Hey! I will see ya at the next showdown!!! All our Force boys seem to be playing well at the school level. See you Oct.21.

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