An educational weekend


Every once in a while, I’m wrong.

It’s tough for me to admit it, as it is for most people. But, in the rare times when it does happen, I try to own it, learn from it and move on.

So in the interest of self-improvement, here we go:

Pete Carroll

I didn’t watch a second of Washington’s 16-13 win over USC Saturday, so maybe someone who did can answer a question for me.

If your stud freshman quarterback can’t play, and you replace him with another stud freshman who’s terrible why wouldn’t you ask Mitch Mustain – a former Parade All-American with a perfect record as a college starting QB – to put down the clipboard and go win the game?

It seems like hubris to me from Carroll, who might have seen such a move as an admission of poor player evaluation on his part.

Maybe now we know why he threw such a hissy fit when he lost…

Mark Sanchez

ESPN and FOX were comparing the former USC starter to Joe Namath in the pregame shows Sunday, so I can only imagine the praise that will be flowing like the Mississippi from the talking heads after Mr. GQ led the Jets to a 16-9 win over the Patriots in the Meadowlands.

I say he led them, but really, it was an outstanding defense that flustered the other Mr. GQ, Tom Brady, into mistakes. And without his personal security blanket, Wes Welker, Brady didn’t handle the blitz very well.

So, to sum up: Sanchez is pretty good, the Jets defense is really good and Rex Ryan might not be the pro version of…

Lane Kiffin

I have to say it. When I saw that 29-point line in the Tennessee/Florida game, I thought it was out of whack.

As in way too low.

But Kiffin, who’s been tossing one-liners at Florida since swapping Raider black for Tennessee orange, had a brilliant game plan.

By running the ball between the tackles all day while milking the clock and making Tim Tebow stand on the sidelines and watch, he kept the score down.

Toss in a stellar defensive gameplan from his dad, and Tennessee sent a warning shot across the bow to the rest of the SEC.

Personally, I think he’s a bit of a punk. But when Lane Kiffin gets some players – and according to the early reports, he is – watch out.


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