Foreign legion


Check out the piece from the legendary Earl Vaughan Jr. on the young Englishmen on the roster at Fayetteville Academy.

I don’t know Walsh yet, but I’ve had plenty of exchanges with Ward and his equally-devoted-to-Newcastle father, Darron and have grown to like them both a great deal.

After all, as Darron is fond of saying, a Geordie’s word is his bond.

Anyway, check it out here.


3 Responses to “Foreign legion”

  1. nickelo Says:

    Two good kids that have been well reared, know how to talk with adults and are more than respectable young people. I know this for a fact as both young men have been in my home on several occasions. The Fayetteville Academy is lucky to have them and I say this from a student body enlightenment standpoint versus a soccer player standpoint, even though both are quality players and make the Academy team a good one.

  2. darron ward Says:

    Randy – If you haven’t got your word then you haven’t got anything.

    Up the Toon !!!

    Nickelo – thanks for the kind comments regarding “wor” Jack – makes me and his mam feel proud.

    Toon to win the Championship – Boro to come 3rd !!!

  3. Randy Capps Says:

    Love the shirts, Darron. Quality stuff.

    I’ll agree on Newcastle winning the Championship. They look very strong.

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