Absentee blogger


I’ve been naughty.

I’ve been away for a while, blogging away in other place while neglecting the place, here, where it all started.

Unacceptable behavior on my part, I must say.


Anyway, let’s hit a few high notes:

Yankee scuffle

Anybody else think that MLB is just plain getting lazy?

Maybe you read about Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson’s dust-up the other night in the Bronx. Anyway, MLB handed out four-game bans to both yesterday, then reduced them to three when both players promised not to appeal.

What, is Bud Selig too busy to hold a hearing in New York?

And the $2,500 fine to Posada? Steve Czaban did the math this morning and it’s the equivalent to a $12 fine to a guy making $60,000 a year.


Personally, I think fighting in baseball should be treated the same as it is in hockey. One-on-one. Anybody off the bench gets a 25-game ban.

Bingo. Problem solved.

Tressel under fire

Ohio State fans get the idiots of the week award for blaming coach Jim Tressel for the loss last week to Southern Cal.

It’s not a mystery as to why Ohio State has trouble winning games against USC and Florida. It’s really quite simple.

The Trojans and Gators have better players.

I guess beating Michigan every year and dominating the Big 10 isn’t enough for some Buckeye fans.

Get over it.


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