Prep soccer notebook

The blogs were out of commission yesterday, but we’re back now…

Poll watching

Fayetteville Academy is seventh in the latest North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association Private School Poll. Check it out here.


Please note that the Cape Fear Independent Conference standings are on Eurosport. I can’t (and won’t) vouch for them.

Using the same information, I’ll take a shot at the Southeastern Conference standings. Note that no league matches have been played and Purnell Swett does not appear to be fielding a team:

Hoke County 4-0-2
Richmond County 5-2
Scotland County 4-3-1
Pinecrest 3-3 
Lumberton 3-3

I was all ready to link to Mid-South and Cape Fear Valley standings, but appears to be suffering from the same sort of issues we had yesterday.

Eurosport has this, but E.E. Smith’s record isn’t correct. I’ll have to do some checking on the Golden Bulls.

The Cape Fear Valley is an even bigger mess on Eurosport, but let’s just say that Gray’s Creek is 3-4 and Douglas Byrd is shown at 0-3. Today’s paper says the Eagles are 0-6, so that’s probably closer to being right.

Clear as mud, eh?


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