Prep soccer roundup

Here’s a bit of prep news…

1. The soccer preview is slated to run early next week. I’m in the process of gathering team previews. I sent e-mails to all the local coaches and I have responses from South View, Pine Forest, E.E. Smith, Fayetteville Academy, Hoke County, Douglas Byrd, Seventy-First and Cape Fear.

That means I don’t have everyone else.

And I need those.


2. Here’s the latest N.C. Soccer Coaches Association poll.


4 Responses to “Prep soccer roundup”

  1. nickelo Says:

    Randy, In the research you have done and the “rumors” you have heard what teams in the region do you expect to have good years? Have you seen any of the HS teams play yet this year?

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    I’ll get a look at Terry Sanford tomorrow night, and that’ll be my first match of the year.

    Fayetteville Academy and Terry Sanford would be my picks for the best teams in the county on paper, but I’d like to get a look at them on grass to be sure…

  3. Terry Sanford Fan Says:

    Terry Sanford has a brutal early schedule

  4. ftssoccer Says:

    terry sanford is a good team, and yes the schedule is brutal playin two top teams in the state in a span of a week. it might look bad now but come state playoff time terry sanford will be rolling on all cylinders

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