A new hope

Once upon a time, there was a band of brothers fighting for supremacy in the frozen north. They proudly wear purple, unconcerned about how unmanly a color it might be.

After all, it matches any appendage with frostbite.

There are constantly at war with other tribes, as fierce as Lions and as terrifying as Bears.

And there were those guys with the big “G” on their armor, whom they really hate.

For many years, those Nordic warriors have toiled in near obscurity. Sure, they’ve come close to climbing the mountain before, only to slip and fall along the way in search of the great Lombardi trophy.

But, in the end, only the bitter winter chill can match the feeling of this tribe of Vikings as – year after year – they watch someone else wear the crown.

Then, a miracle happened.

One of those guys who wore the “G” quit, then un-quit, then went to a far away land to do something with planes, the quit, then visited the medicine man, then continued to quit, then announced via carrier pigeon that he had decided to permanently quit, then got on another one of those plane thingies and then…

Brett Favre joined the Vikings.

Cue the trumpets. Get me a brass band in here.

I need baton twirlers, ASAP!

Do you not understand what this means?

The Vikings, long the forgotten step-child of the NFC North, can now shine.

So, what does it all mean?

Well, for starters, the Vikings are now the clear favorites to win the North. And, for my money, they have the inside track to playing in the Super Bowl.

I don’t know if they can beat New England, Pittsburgh or San Diego. And I really don’t care.

All I know is that there will be much feasting in the land of the frozen north today.

Their knight in shining armor (if Wranglers can really be described that way) has come.

There is much wailing going on all over the known world. Why has the former general who so proudly represented the “G” all those years joined their most hated rivals?

Is it glory? Fame? The chance to make more Wrangler commercials?

No. It’s far simpler.

Favre wants to emulate another great general, the might Elway, who won two Lombardis by turning around and handing the ball to someone else and then, flashed a smile as big as the Rockies and rode off into the sunset.

It is a two-year contract, friends…


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    […] As distasteful as the whole Brett Favre situation has been, our good friend — and one of North Carolina’s top sports writers — Randy Capps has a humorous take on the subject here. […]

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