Spain falls to the United States, 2-0

Clint Dempsey

Wow. I mean, what can you say after a performance like that? Spain dominated possession, had more corners, more shots, more shots on target and finished the match up a man.

But the U.S. got two goals on what must be called fortunate bounces and they go through, 2-0.

Some people wonder why I like this game. Today is why.

National pride. Instead of being the world’s whipping boys, we took down the top team in the world by two goals. It wasn’t blinding skill, but fierce heart and determination that won the day.

There’s no doubt Spain is a better side.

But not today, they weren’t.

Jozy Altidore was awesome today. Landon Donovan was as fired up and fiesty as I’ve ever seen him and the back line was tremendous. Jay DeMerit and Onyewu were like hockey defensemen, going down to block shot after shot. And Tim Howard looked like one of the best keepers in the world.

If you’re Spain, you’re feeling unlucky. A few bounces another way, and it’s a different scoreline.

But after a lifetime of being on the wrong end of those lucky bounces, today was our day.

It was brilliant.

Now, if we can just bottle this and bring it back to South Africa next year for the 2010 World Cup… 


4 Responses to “Spain falls to the United States, 2-0”

  1. Matt McLean Says:

    Great game!

    We got lucky, but what’s the saying “you’ve got to be good to be lucky”?

    I thought our guys played like seasoned vets throughout the game. Altidore and Donovan played smart soccer. I loved the dive that Donovan took in the last few minutes.

    I’m stoked mainly because our team should know that we can play with anyone in the world in South Africa next summer. This has to be a great boost!

  2. Brandon Wincoff Says:

    Always have heard it doesnt matter if you the best team in the world you only have to be the best team in the stadium!

  3. Randy Capps Says:

    Really, I think we were due a bit of good fortune in a tournament like this one.

    I’m watching it again on the deuce right now.

    We’re still winning, too…

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    […] you’ve been reading my soccer blog, you know that the United States beat Spain, 2-0, yesterday at the Confederations […]

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