An open letter and a spot of advertising

Tim Howard

U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard yells at the ball during Wednesday’s 3-1 loss in Costa Rica in this Reuters photo

In true bait-and-switch style, let’s do the advertising first.

The 2009 Cape Fear All-Region team will be revealed in Saturday’s paper. If you want to stay up really late, it will magically appear here on the blog at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning.

It’s like magic, only without the bunny rabbit.

Now, on to my open letter…

U.S. Men’s National Team,

I stick up for you. I defend you against people that say that soccer is a stupid, boring sport filled with guys that fall down and roll around for no apparent reason.

Last night, I didn’t watch baseball or hockey. I stayed up late and tuned in to your CONCACAF qualifying match against Costa Rica. I was hoping to see the red, white and blue take a big step towards qualifying for the World Cup in 2010.

What I saw instead was an embarrassing 3-1 loss in which we were outworked, outclassed and outgunned.

It just can’t happen.

Look, I know the turf at Saprissa is harder and bumper than a car ride through New York with Amy Winehouse. I know that you’ve never won a match there.

But that was different.

We weren’t any good back then.

Unless I’m just going stark, raving mad, which anyone who knows me would say is a distinct possibility, I think we’re better than this.

We should be waltzing into Costa Rica, collecting our three points for a win and jetting on back to the states.

Instead, we got served. Tico-style.

If I were writing a letter to them, I would praise them for their energy, hunger and desire. They beat us to every 50-50 ball and exposed the rather large holes we seem to have at both left and right back.

It was shocking.

Anyway, you have a match coming up on Saturday night in Chicago, and I will again be forsaking other sports and tuning in to watch my national team take on Honduras.

For goodness sake, do better.


Randy Capps


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