The shotgun approach

I feel compelled to do a better job keeping this site updated, even if it is the one I’m doing for free.

Yes, this is yet another shameless plus for my “other” work.

Get over it.

Anyway, I am watching some sports. I’ve actually been following the NBA Playoffs pretty closely.

Game 7 is a sports rarity. It’s a little like finding a beer in the fridge that you forgot you had. It’s refreshing, assuming that it was “born” fairly recently.

Yesterday, we had two of them in the NBA Playoffs. I wasn’t holding out much hope that the 3:30 Lakers/Houston game would be any good. And after L.A. laid a 19-point beat down on the Rockets, I must say that it wasn’t.

Surely the nightcap in Boston between the Celtics and Magic would be compelling, right?

Turns out the Magic hit more threes than a rigged roulette wheel and cruised to an easy win, leaving me to catch the tail end of Bull Durham to get my sports fix.

It was a really disappointing day in what’s been a pretty decent NBA postseason thus far.



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