Cohen, Liverpool supporters wage war of words

I find myself torn a little this morning, as I continue to ponder the situation between World Soccer Daily and Fox Football Fone-In host Steven Cohen and Liverpool FC supporters, both in England and here in the U.S.

Listeners and viewers of these two shows know the back story, but for those of you who do not, here’s the summary.

On April 15, 1989, Liverpool and Nottingham Forest were set to play an FA Cup semifinal in Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield United. What resulted instead was the Hillsborough Disaster, where 96 fans lost their lives in the Leppings Lane end due to overcrowding in the areas available for fans to enter the ground to watch the match.

The Taylor Report, a study commissioned by the government, blamed the tragedy on a lack of police control of the fans trying to enter the stadium.

Around the 20th anniversary of the incident, Cohen suggested that “6,000 to 8,000 ticketless Liverpool fans” were trying to enter the stadium and that the club and its fans have “a shared responsibility” for the incident.

The Taylor Report directly refutes this, angering Liverpool supporters.

This isn’t the first time Cohen, who was born in England but has spent the last 30 years in the United States, has expressed his views on Hillsborough. He made a similar statement in 2006:

“Liverpool supporters are directly responsible for causing the two worst disasters in English football history, Heysel and Hillsborough.” he said on Dec. 5, adding “there is a disgusting side of Liverpool’s history that he would be happy to talk about.”

He went on to add, “They have five stars on their shirts but should have 39 coffins,” in reference to the Heysel Disaster, where Liverpool fans breached a barrier between them and Juventus fans, eventually causing a fencing collapse that claimed the lives of 39 people.

This time, however, he isn’t backing down.

Apparently, neither are Liverpool supporters.

The Liverpool Supporters Club in New York and other groups around the country are sponsoring a boycott of Cohen and any potential advertisers.

Here’s the e-mail they’re asking their members to send:

To whom it may concern,

You advertise on either or both of Steve Cohen’s shows on Fox and Sirius. Steve Cohen has, and not for the first time, told lies about the deaths the 96 fans at Hillsborough, claiming that Liverpool fans were responsible for killing their own, amongst other lies. Is this the type of person you want representing your company? Steve Cohen has done this before, apologising when the outrage grew too large. Clearly, he will not stop, so our objective is to see him being put off air permanently.

I urge you to reconsider your purchasing of advertising.

I will be boycotting all your products and services until your support for Steve Cohen and his lies ends.

Cohen has his defenders as well, as the New York Times’ Jack Bell and the L.A. Daily News’ Scott Wolf  have weighed in on the dispute.

Now, two items of full disclosure are in order here. First of all, I am a huge fan of both FFF and WSD and I listen/watch both on a regular basis. I also do some writing for Christopher Harris’ EPL Talk, the first site to attack Cohen’s most recent comments.

Being a regular listener to his show, it’s no state secret that he:

1. Supports Chelsea
2. Doesn’t like Liverpool – the city or the club

As a journalist, I respect his First Amendment right to free speech. His job is to be entertaining, produce opinions and drive up listener-ship – and sponsorship – of his shows. He says that he has received death threats. That’s obviously the wrong response to any dispute. As much as I’ve grown to love the sport in recent years, it is still just a game.

Reading his comments in the aforementioned Daily News article has me a bit troubled, however:

“I’ve seen the Taliban less defensive,” Cohen said. “If this was being done in Afghanistan or Pakistan, we’d call these people terrorists. A lot of them are little cowards hiding behind their computers. (But) I feel my life and my livelihood is at stake.”

Now, if he’s referring to the death threats, then that’s OK. If he’s addressing the boycott, which the last line there suggests, then I have a problem.

If I believe in Cohen’s right to freedom of speech, then I have to support the American branches of the Liverpool supporters clubs to respond with a boycott. Call it free trade, a free market solution or whatever.

I’m hoping for a peaceful resolution here, one that suits both sides. Ultimately, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

As a vocal supporter of the beautiful game in a place where, beyond youth level, it gets very little attention, situations like this one make the game a tougher sell.

I think we can all agree that the fact that 96 people went to a soccer match and didn’t come home is a terrible tragedy.

No matter what color shirts they might have been wearing.


31 Responses to “Cohen, Liverpool supporters wage war of words”

  1. CJ Says:

    Cohen should be hailed as a genius if only he intended to rile up the LFC crowd to such a heated level as he has done. I’m a Liverpool follower, and while I find Cohen’s comments irresponsible and incorrect on the surface, the fact Cohen picked a hot button such as Hillsborough to create a large amount of awareness, publicity, and media coverage for his show both in the States and abroad just before the summer slowdown shows he may be smarter than you think. I doubt he dreamed the frenzy he has created, but people threatening to boycot you brings attention to a little known show on Sirius 125 and the Fox Soccer Channel…attention he never would have received by paying respects to the Liverpool faithful. If he’s smart, next he will state Sir Alex has paid off officials and has proof of it. That will bring the United fans into the mix and a Stern like ‘What will he say next” audience…like him or not…which brings ratings and advertisers. Unfortunately, all Liverpool supporters like myself who theaten to boycott the products advertised on the show are doing is raising awareness there is a show like this which many have never heard of while also creating sympathy for the man who started the fire in the first place.

  2. maca Says:

    have to be careful with this one randy…the hillsborough disaster is still a very painful and sore subject on merseyside. the most popular newspaper in england ‘the sun’ wrote an article after the disaster saying that the liverpool fans stole from the dead bodies etc and that they made it difficult for the police etc. to this day the sun is still not sold in a lot of merseyside newsagents !!!! the liverpool people are very passionate and if others accuse them of causing this disaster they take it very personally indeed and rightly so, cohen is an arrogant **** trying to be controversial to try and drum up attention for himself and his show. hes not in touch with the average fan !! he tries to make fun of them in his very unfunny way.

    i will say this about the disaster…police where to blame. (liverpool fans at wrong end, no ticket checks before ground, not delaying kick off after traffic problems, funneling fans into middle of leppings lane and not to the sides that where half full.)

    liverpool fans also to blame…trying to get in with no tickets is wrong and partially resulted in the crush.

    football authorities to blame…so many times back then at big games there is congestion issues either in the ground itself or leading up to it. i remember going to ayresome park to watch boro play everton in the fa cup and the congestion trying to get in the ground in the walkway was unbelivable..people where passing out from the was a scary time and one we where very lucky to get through we only did as the club opened up some more gates to let people in..if not we would have had deaths no doubt.

    very poor emergency plans at grounds also…no emt access (in fact the emt vehicles where lined up outside hillborough and couldnt get in or where told they where not needed as it was just fans being fans.), no stretchers and very few first aid tools.

    a lot of factors caused this terrible disaster and not just the police, the police didnt help matters as they tried to cover things up and got found out…it was a day that change football in england forever (all seater stadiums etc)

    its now time to move on and remember the 96 and their families. you too cohen, try and come up with some original stuff for your show and most importantly try and get in touch with the average fan…..****

  3. Sean Says:

    the following from your post is incorrect according to the Taylor Report and any reputable source of information on the Hillsborough disaster – “liverpool fans also to blame…trying to get in with no tickets is wrong and partially resulted in the crush.”

    This is something that Steven Cohen asserts without evidence and the main reason behind the acrimony between him and fans of Liverpool.

    Ticketless fans were not a cause of the disaster. In fact the Leppings Lane end of the stadium (where the crush occurred) was found to be under capacity.

  4. Nigel Says:

    Anyone wishing to know the truth about Hillsborough would do well to read this

    Anyone wishing to know what team Mr Cohen ‘supports’ (and i use the term loosely) this week should avail themselves of the following.
    Though he ALSO ‘supports’ these guys

    Strange that he never mentions that on air. Anyone who wants to know what he does actually say on air. Here is the man in his own words……….

  5. maca Says:

    sean, i understand that it wasnt the main factor but it certainly didnt help.

    there where ticketless fans going to a game they shouldnt have !!

    police main problem !!! decison making was wrong due to panic and number of people some of which where ticketless.

  6. Paddy Coughlan Says:


    With respect, you would do well to read up on the facts that Nigel has provided.

    The maximum that the capacity of the leppings lane end was breached by was 24 individuals.
    Ok, if it were 24 individuals, it did not help, but it did not cause the tragedy either.
    The police thought it was crowd trouble/pitch invasion and refused to open the “overflow” pens.

    All the supporters were tagged as being “crowd trouble” (thats 10000 people in that end of the ground)
    It could be argued, if it were “crowd trouble” (which it certainly was not), then what % of the crowd were trouble and what % deserved to be left stuck inside it?And crushed to death.

  7. sue Says:

    there were very few if any ticket less fans at hillsborough.cctv was used for head count to compare amount of tickets sold to amount of people in the pens.
    you need to be very clear on the facts before you post
    .liverpool supporters have had twenty years to pour over every little minute detail.
    there are plenty of websites were you can learn the truth our friend nigel has posted one for anyone wishing to have an informed opinion.
    macca and anyone else who think they know but dont really please do your homework

  8. sue Says:


  9. Randy Capps Says:

    It’s worth noting that Cohen read a letter of apology on WSD yesterday, and posted a copy on the WSD site:

    Thanks, Nigel, for some very educational Web sites. I have read the Taylor Report, but I hadn’t read the rest of that.

  10. Sean Says:


    I understand that ticketless fans would not have helped the situation. Your point is taken but, with all due respect, it is irrelevant. Ticketless fans had no bearing on the deaths of the 96. Steven Cohen asserts that ticketless fans were a root cause of the disaster.

    A little information regarding this issue:
    “Sheffield Wednesday FC’s own admission count system showed the terrace did not exceed its 10,100 capacity (for the Leppings Lane end). As part of their analysis, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) counted the number of [Liverpool] supporters entering the ground, including those through the turnstiles, through Gate C and even those who climbed over the turnstiles. They gave three admission figures based on their analysis. Their first figure was 9,267, their ‘best estimate’ was 9,734, and their third figure was a ‘maximum estimate’ of 10,124. The HSE report stated it was unlikely that the terrace exceeded 10,124 and that total admissions were approximately equal to the designated capacity of 10,100 people. Taylor surmised there was no substance to the allegation that ticketless fans caused the Disaster,” The Hillsborough Football Disaster: Context And Consequences, page 17.

    This is by no means the only information available on the role of ticketless fans in the disaster. All available evidence suggests that ticketless fans were not a root cause.

    One other point that is often overlooked. The mass of people outside of the Leppings Lane turnstiles before the opening of Gate C, who are often ignorantly portrayed as a mob of ticketless, were corraled into a bottleneck alley with no possibility for retreat. This flaw in the geography of Hillsborough was well known to police and avoided in years previous by crowd filtering on routes to the stadium.

  11. Nigel Says:

    Randy Capps-and he proceeded it with the words “lets put this crap to bed” and ended it by screwing up the piece of paper and tossing it who knows where. You don’t believe me take a listen

    Not ten minutes later he was (in my opinion) berating the North American Liverpool Fan Clubs ‘spokesperson’ (by name) for what in my opinion is exercising the EXACT same first amendment rights that Mr Cohen sought so quickly to hide behind. It’s on the same youtube link by the way.

    Seems to be one rule for Steven Cohen and one rule for everyone else.

  12. Nigel Says:

    I would just like to add that the “heartfelt, genuine and sincere” apology only took FIVE WEEKS.

  13. Randy Capps Says:

    Yeah, I heard the paper crumpling bit at the end.

    I didn’t say it was a sincere apology. I just pointed out that it occurred.

    I have no doubt that he did it, at least in part, to appease his show sponsors.

  14. shanklyboy Says:

    The very reason Liverpool supporters and in fact supporters of no particular team whatsoever feel a deep anger at remarks like Cohen’s is due in part to your comments about ticketless fans. People with little knowledge of what happened that day have been influenced by the ‘sound bites’ and black propoganda surrounding Hillsborough, which started within hours of the disaster and were broadcast around the world.
    As has been pointed out in here and elsewhere, there were no doubt ticketless fans at Hillsborough. As there are for any and every big ‘all ticket’ game, both then and now.
    However to say that they had any bearing on the events of April 15th 1989 is not only factually incorrect it is ignoring the real causes and that is a major issue.
    It may be worth pointing out to you that Cohen has used figures of 6 – 8,000 ticketless fans, ‘hell bent on getting in’. He has stated this as being fact!
    This for a terrace with a capacity of 10,100. That would mean there were 16 – 18,000 fans trying to gain access.
    Just to reiterate,the findings of several independant reports have dismissed the number of ticketless fans as having any impact on events of that day.To quote the offical government enquiry headed by Lord Justice Taylor “I have already found that there was not an abnormally large number of fans without tickets on this occasion.” “With one or two exceptions, the police witnesses themselves did not subscribe to the ‘conspiracy’ theory (of a large number of late-arriving ticketless supporters).”
    Please take a look at the link that has been provided previously for a concise and easily digestible summary of events of that day.
    This may give you a different and more informed viewpoint.

  15. maca Says:

    thanks for all the great info on this subject…i remember vividly watching match of the day and the terrible scenes that saturday afternoon…we kept getting updates throughout the show and it was in a state of shock that my mam dad and i watched.

    my point was that i felt that there where a lot of factors, some very minor (the fans) and some very major (the police and football authorities) .

    ive seen the cctv footage and read all the info.

  16. maca Says:

    and for the record i despise cohen and all his comments…..i have tried calling once or twice after he has spoke nonsense about the boro to no avail.

  17. Sean Says:


    You may find that Liverpool fans will not be happy with your comments even when you state that the fans were a very minor factor in the disaster. It is my view that the fans had zero responsibility for what happened that day.

    I wonder would you mind taking the time to express how you believe the fans were a very minor factor in the cause of the disaster? I do not ask this in order to put you down. I would just hope to respectfully persuade you of the validity of our point of view. The only train of thought I can imagine you are pursuing is that the fans were a very minor factor simply because they arrived at the venue.


  18. maca Says:

    yes…if you go to a game or to a ground without a ticket that is wrong.

    if there was one liverpool fan in the crush outside the stadium without a ticket then they where wrong to be there. did it cause the disaster no, did it help matters no.

    it is something that fans are told not to do before going buy their own club as it can cause problems.

    to be honest the hillsbrough disaster was something that for me was going to happen sooner or later…the safety going into grounds has always been very poor as i posted above about the experience i had going to the boro fa cup match at ayresome park, this could easily have been a tradgey.

    sean do you think it was a police problem only ??

  19. Sean Says:

    Thanks Maca.

    I agree that any fans going to a ticket-only/sold-out game without tickets are wrong. No argument there.

    However, it’s really of no relevance to the point at hand as ticketless fans had no bearing on the disaster. At least that is the case if you believe the turnstile count, the HSE count, and the Interim Taylor Report. Which I do as they are the best available sources of evidence. Mr. Cohen’s attribution of blame to fans without producing evidence to back up his claim is the main reason for the dispute.

    You are probably correct to say that a disaster of this sort would have happened sooner rather than later. Spurs fans crushed at the FA Cup semi final at Hillsborough in 1981 will testify to that.

    In answer to your question, no I do not think it was only a police problem. I believe that the factors involved were: unannounced motorway roadworks, ticket instructions telling fans to arrive at the stadium at 2.45, the bottleneck geography of the route to the Leppings Lane turnstiles, the inadequacy of the turnstiles themselves, and police control.

    Police control of the event was the main factor in the cause of the disaster. Any of the other factors I mentioned could have been mitigated by adequate police measures and had been dealt with successfully at Hillsborough the year before by an experienced police commander. The replacement commander who was in charge in 1989 was inexperienced and made a series of terrible mistakes.

  20. Sean Says:

    One addition – the mistakes by the police commander and the factors I was referring to were only those that led to the crush outside the stadium. It is a myth that this first crush outside the turnstiles was caused by ticketless fans.

    The outside crush led to panic and the confounding mistake made by the police commander was to open an emergency gate to alleviate this crush without closing access to the already full central pens of the terrace beyond the turnstiles.

    I won’t even touch on the mistakes made by police after the disaster had occurred which may have been the cause of further deaths.

  21. maca Says:


    thanks for your very knowledgeable opinions and understanding of this disaster.

    i think as a whole there where so many factors that contributed to this disaster some minor some major that is so hard to say what the primary cause was. i think what i have a hard time with is the fact that liverpool supporters never say that maybe just maybe that some fans didnt help with matters.

    i have been too many an away game with the boro and 95% of those fans are honest, genuine hardworking supporters who love their club but there are a 5% minority that cause problems…violence, drunkenness, abusiveness, distain towards authority and a disrespect for others. Did this minority of liverpool fans not cause any trouble this day ??? i dont know maybe, maybe not ???

    let me just say this on one visit to anfield i did see some liverpool fans beat up a grandfather who had his two grandsons with him just to steal his scarf…i have also seen liverpool fans demand money from visting fans and if money was not given then their cars would be vandalized while they where watching the game. I have also heard the liverpool fans mock the united fans with sick taunts about the munich disaster.

    its not only liverpool fans ive seen boro fans do some disgusting and sick things also…stuff that any normal human being couldnt comprehend.

    if the boro fa cup match i spoke about had turned out to be a tragedy im sure all fans would blame the club for not opening up more gates and the police for not controlling it better, but it can also be said that why where the idiots at the back pushing people forward to hurry up causing the crush ??? idoits who had more concern to start trouble and leaving it so late because they where getting pissed up in pubs !!

    THE LIVERPOOL FANS DID NOT CAUSE THE HILLSBOROUGH DISASTER but im sure there where some mindless idiots (like at all grounds) that didnt help matters

  22. Sean Says:


    We’ll have to agree to disagree on your assertion that it is hard to say what the primary cause of the Hillsborough disaster was. I believe that when all the evidence is examined it is plain to see that police mismanagement was the primary cause of the disaster.

    I fully agree that LFC fans are not all angels. Every football club has an amount of support that discredit the majority. I cannot condone the behavior you mention. Liverpool fans in particular should know better than to taunt rivals over the death of innocent people. Of course it is possible that a minority of LFC fans did not behave appropriately in Sheffield that day.

    However, this is unrelated to the disaster (as is Heysel, which is often brought up in Hillsborough discussions) and LFC fans will make every effort to keep the topics seperate. The reason for this is that the facts are clear on the causes of the disaster and focusing on unrelated misbehaviour clouds the issue. In all the study that has been done on the disaster it has never been said that behavior of the fans was a factor. In fact Liverpool fans’ behavior in response to the crush in trying to save lives was praised. Therfore Liverpool fans will generally react with indignation to any attempt to label them responsible in any way. These accusations are usually attempts to steer the discussion away from the real culprits behind the tragedy or attempts to discredit Liverpool FC and its fans by people with an agenda.

    You have to understand that mistruths have been spread about the issue from within minutes after the disaster right up until the present day in attempts to put the blame on the fans. You may have read recently that police officers who were there that day are coming forward to change their statements and expose attempts to cover up police responsibility. Then there was the infamous Sun article.

    Fans of Liverpool FC are not above criticism. A tiny minority of morons have tarnished our name in the past and will most likely continue to in the future. I’m sure ‘boro have their problems too (making too much noise for example, lol). But, the Hillsborough Disaster is totally unrelated to those problems.

    Good luck on sunday.

  23. Nigel Says:

    Liverpool Football Club 21 May 2009
    Liverpool Football Club have today issued a statement in response to the recent ill-informed and inflammatory comments made about the Hillsborough disaster by the London-born, US-based Radio presenter Steve Cohen.
    The official statement reads: Liverpool Football Club totally condemns the comments regarding the Hillsborough disaster made by the radio and TV broadcaster Steve Cohen.

    Mr Cohen has obviously never taken the time to read the Taylor Report which stated clearly that ticketless fans were not a contributory factor or responsible for the events of that day.

    To use the 20th anniversary of the disaster to repeat false claims about Liverpool fans (which Mr Cohen first broadcast and then apologised for in 2006) is even more unacceptable.

  24. Nigel Says:

    LFCNY Press Release:

    The Hillsborough Justice Campaign condemns Steve Cohen, supports LFCNY and the North American Branches in boycott campaign.

    New York, Friday, 22nd May 2009 – The Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC) today released a statement condemning Steve Cohen for his lies and support the boycott of his sponsors organized by the LFCNY and the North American Branches of Liverpool supporters. The HJC says that Steve Cohen’s lies are the result of an “ignorance borne out of prejudice” and the LFCNY absolutely concurs. Throughout this campaign to get hate merchant Steve Cohen off the air, the consistent position of the LFCNY has been that he has been knowingly telling lies to cause hurt, anguish and pain, all in the name of notoriety and ratings. The simple fact is that Steve Cohen knowingly lies and now more and more people are seeing the truth in that statement.

    Yesterday, Liverpool Football Club broke with tradition and to condemn Cohen and today the HJC do the same, “whilst we do not normally divert our valuable time and energy to respond to scurrilous comments in relation to Hillsborough, in this instance we make an exception”. The LFCNY are very pleased to have the support of the HJC and will continue in its campaign to get Steve Cohen off the air. The HJC was specific in its support for the campaign, “we support the LFCNY and all Liverpool fans in the U.S. who have called for a boycott of advertisers associated with Mr Cohen”, and we take heart from these statements. The campaign against a merchant of hate, Steve Cohen will continue and the LFCNY and all the North American Branches are congratulate the HJC on its stance.

    This story has broken in the UK and the LFCNY have contacted many different organizations and companies across the length and breadth of Britian. Expect more statements like those of Liverpool Football Club and the HJC to follow in coming days.

    This campaign answers for the 96 because they cannot. They are dead. As long as Steve Cohen has a broadcasting pulpit to promote hate and lies, this campaign will not rest. We encourage everyone to join our boycott of the sponsors of Steve Cohen.

    Jack The Lad
    Gary Allen

    Press Display
    Alex Kroogman

    PSG Sports
    Nick Roberts

    Sporting Glory
    Michael Coyle

    The Fix
    Declan Hill

    VIP Communications

    Conor Brennan,
    Co-ordinator of the LFCNY campaign against Steve Cohen.

    HJC Statement embedded and attached.

    21st May 2009

    The Hillsborough Justice Campaign unequivocally condemns the comments made by broadcaster Steve Cohen in relation to both the Hillsborough disaster and the ongoing justice campaign.

    The cause of the Hillsborough Disaster was the breakdown of police control (see Interim Report of Lord Justice Taylor). To suggest otherwise is in direct contradiction to the facts and indicates an ignorance borne out of prejudice. Moreover, Mr Cohen’s comments regarding the Hillsborough Justice Campaign are slanderous and defame the good name of the organization.

    Whilst we do not normally divert our valuable time and energy to respond to scurrilous comments in relation to Hillsborough, in this instance we make an exception. We support the LFCNY and all Liverpool fans in the U.S. who have called for a boycott of advertisers associated with Mr Cohen.

    Finally, we would like to draw Mr Cohen’s attention to our website: If his views remain unchanged after reading the facts
    as outlined in the history section then it could reasonably be argued that his views on Hillsborough are pathological.

    Chair. Hillsborough Justice Campaign

  25. Stephen Says:

    Why were none of the Nottingham Forest supporters killed? Surely they were in the same stadium.

  26. Sean Says:

  27. Keyster Says:

    The crux of the matter is Steven Cohen has not got one FACT to back up his opinion. Therefore that is all it is, uninformed, uneducated, ignorant opinion.
    Liverpool supporters have contacted and are in the process of contacting sponsors and advertisers of his show to ask them, “do you want your company and your products to be associated with a man who tells lies like this?”
    The sponsors/advertisers will take the decision that they decide is best for their company.
    And going by the number of sponsors/advertisers pulling out their support of Cohens shows, well there is only going to be one winner in this.
    All Cohen had to do was say, “i am sorry, I lied about 8,000-10,000 drunken, ticketless supporters causing the deaths of 96 people who went to watch a football game.”

  28. Boycott Liverpool Says:

    Unbelievable. A bunch of anti-Semite haters disagree with someone and as a result they threaten his life and his family. I think Cohen was wrong and his facts were wrong but it was the best show in North America…now because of Liverpool supporters it’s off the air. I hope you are proud.

    Well done. What’s next? Stalinist USA? FREE SPEECH!!! You have the freedom not to listen. That Liverpool FC allowed their ‘official’ supporters club to campaign/threaten this man and his company is reprehensible.

    Well done Liverpool haters. Can’t think of a better way to honor the people who died by threatening someone’s family.

  29. The Offside Trap » Blog Archive » Radio silence - WSD goes dark Says:

    […] the reason the show is dead, Cohen’s war of words with Liverpool supporters, ticks me […]

  30. Duane Rupp Says:

    OK, so Cohen is a liar and you organized a boycott to get him off the air. Well, it not only got him off the air but also the show.

    OK, fine, now it’s up to you to bring these sponsors back in, start up a new World Soccer podcast to fill that gap with a better host who is both informed and opinionated. Then here’s a thought: Once the program becomes profitable (or maybe make it a non-profit co.) turn over a percentage of those profits to the families of those injured and killed as well as those traumatized who were there.

    That, to me, would be the most honorable thing to come out of this whole mess started by Cohen and finished by L’pool supporters.

  31. James Lantgen Says:

    John terry should be totally sacked

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