Falling down on the job

I realize that I haven’t been writing much here lately.

I have good reasons.

I’m getting paid to write here, here and here instead.

But blatant capitalism is no excuse, so let’s right the wrongs this morning.

  • Manny Ramirez is a muppet. While he didn’t test positive for steroids or any other performance enhancing drug, he had elevated levels of testosterone – caused by a prescription female fertility drug. You don’t have to call it a 50-game ban for substance abuse. Call it a suspension for stupidity instead. How hard is it, really, if you have a legit medical issue to go to one of the dozens of team doctors in the clubhouse and ask for help. He was cheating, he got caught and now “Mannywood” has more than one meaning.
  • I’m really into the NBA Playoffs. The Boston/Orlando game yesterday was very good, and the Rockets are putting up a surprisingly good effort against the Lakers out west. It’s good TV, and well worth your time on a May evening.
  • When you’re a day away from turning 33, playing 27 holes of shambolically awful golf without sunscreen may not be a good idea. I have sore arms, a red neck and a small blister on my right (non-glove) hand. Good times.
  • On Mother’s Day, it pays to treat the women in your life like the queens they are.
  • I watched hockey the other night. It wasn’t horrible.
  • Any golf tournament in which Tiger is not playing – or playing well – is must-turn-TV for me. Sorry, I like watching the best golfer on earth play well.

That’s all kids. Have a good one.


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