Grade this

I’ve been seeing grades everywhere for the 2009 NFL Draft, so I feel compelled to share mine.


Here it is:


Seriously? Aside from the Raiders thumbing their nose at convention – and common sense – it’s pretty much a crapshoot to rate teams two or three days after a draft.

Now three years? That’s a different story.

So, let’s look at the winners and losers of the 2006 NFL Draft, since we now have enough data to do so.

Biggest bust – Michael Huff, a safety out of Texas, went to the Raiders at No. 7 overall. He was benched last season after Week 5 and ended up with 28 tackles on the season.

Other flops include: Matt Leinart (No. 10, Arizona), Tye Hill (No. 15, St. Louis) and John McCargo (No. 26, Buffalo)

Biggest steal – Forget his legal issues for a minute, the Broncos selected Brandon Marshall, a wideout from Central Florida, in the fourth round with the 119th pick overall. He had 104 catches in 15 games last season, which is a pretty good return on a mid-rounder.

Other bargains include: Leon Washington (round 4, Jets), Owen Daniels (round four, Houston), Antoine Bethea (Indy, round 6) and Courtland Finnegan (round seven, Tennessee) have all become Pro Bowlers.

Solving the great debate – The run-up to this draft was simple: Should the Texans draft Reggie Bush or Vince Young? Instead, they chose N.C. State defensive end Mario Williams.

It’s worked out well, as he made his first Pro Bowl last season after piling up 53 tackles and 12 sacks.

The Saints ended up with Bush, and while he hasn’t dominated games as often as he did at USC, he’s been a solid performer as well.

The Titans got Vince Young, and considering that he lost his starting job to Kerry Collins, they have have the shortest straw on this one.

Best picks, by round

1. Williams, Jay Cutler (Denver, No. 10) and Nick Mangold (Jets, No. 29)

2. DeMeco Ryans (Houston, No. 33), Devin Hester (Chicago, No. 57) and Marcus NcNeill (San Dieg0, No. 50)

3. Jerious Norwood (Atlanta, No. 79) and Eric Winston (Houston, No. 66)

4. Washington, Daniels and Marshall

5. Kyle Williams (Buffalo, No. 134) and Parys Haralson (San Francisco, No. 140)

6. Bethea, Reed Doughty (Washington, No. 173) and Keith Ellison (Buffalo, No. 178)

7. Finnegan and Ryan Plackemeier (Seattle, No. 239) 

Tune in next year when we break down the 2007 choose-up…



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