Steve Czaban weighs in

I love Steve Czaban.

He fills up most of my daily commute with the best sports talk show on the planet every workday.

And today, he has a plan to save my industry:

It’s interesting. My first reaction, being a newspaper person whose primary job function is to blog and slap stuff on the Internet, was to say, “aw, that’s crazy.”

But the electric toothbrush analogy really got me thinking. I don’t think we’re on the way out in terms of producing a print product.

What are you going to do, read the paper online in the bathroom? It loses a bit of luster if you print out a Web page of little Johnny’s spelling bee victory. Wouldn’t you rather have it in newsprint? You know, good ol’ black and white?

The issue of how to use the Internet (read: make money online) is raging in the newspaper industry. The ideas are all over the map. Some people charge for their sites. Some people offer teases. Some people, like us, post everything, all day, all the time.

None of it is making up for the loss of advertising revenue or offsetting the skyrocketing cost of paper.

So I wonder if, in the future, we’ll be a paper-only product. It’s hard to imagine.

But then again, so is a world without newspapers.

I guess both worlds are possible…


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