Another Super Bowl come and gone

As a neutral, it was hard to muster much pregame excitement for the Cardinals and Steelers in the Super Bowl.

It’s not on record anywhere, but I thought the Steelers would win (they did) and cover (uh, not so much).

I thought the fourth quarter was the saving grace of an otherwise dull game. Overall, it was one of your better Super Bowls, but when you frame it in the context of the litany of beat downs we’ve endured in the 43-year history of the event, it wasn’t bad.

Things I’ll remember:

1. Santonio Holmes’ coming out party. Sure, he had a solid 2008 season. But he’s clearly taken the baton from Hines Ward as the focal point of that offense. Yes, I know Ward’s injured. But time waits for no man. Especially for aging wide receivers.

2. James Harrison’s interception return.I’m giving him a pass for the street-style mugging he put on that dude during a punt return. That interception return at the end of the first half not only turned the momentum and ultimately helped the Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl, it also secured his place in Super Bowl lore with one of the best individual efforts ever.

3. The year of bad officiating ended fittingly. Look, I think Kurt Warner fumbled on their final play. But a review of the most important play of the season was probably in order. To gloss over it was a bit of a downer. Toss this in with some of the other zebra gaffes this year, and 2009 can’t get here fast enough for the men in stripes.

4. Six freaking hours of pregame coverage? I love the NFL, but geez…

5. President Obama speaking during the pregame show. Really? He’s not on TV enough?



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