Kicking for Cancer

We’ve had quite a bit of not-so-good girls’ soccer news recently.

Let’s change that.

This note came in from Jeremiah Mattingly, head coach of the South View soccer programs:

South View will host the 13th annual Kicking For Cancer women’s soccer jamboree/showcase on Sat. Feb. 21. Our goal is to raise $7000 for the Friends of Cancer Center, located in the Cape Fear Valley Hospital, and the American Cancer Society.

We are also going to contribute 10 percent of the proceeds, along with all the money raised by Terry Sanford, to Rob Guzman, athletic director of Terry Sanford, as he contiunes to battle cancer.

Interested in helping out with a donation? Drop an e-mail to Coach Mattingly at

To see the event schedule, click below

Field 1 Soccer Practice field

Cape Fear vs. Scotland 8:30-9:10
Cape Fear vs. Franklinton 9:15-9:55
T.Sanford vs. Franklinton
Apex vs. Ashley 10:45-11:25
T.Sanford vs. Fuquay-Varina 11:30-12:10
Athens Drive vs. Pine Forest 12:15-12:55
Clayton vs. Lumberton 1:00 -1:40
Clayton vs. Hoke 1:45-2:25
Richmond vs. South View 2:30-3:10
Richmond vs. Athens Drive 3:20-4:00
South View vs. Clayton 4:05-4:45

Field 2 Stadium Field

Apex vs. Terry Sanford 8:30-9:10
Apex vs. Jack Britt 9:15-9:55
Carrboro vs. G. Creek 10:00-10:40
Carrboro vs. Pine Forest 10:45-11:25
Cape Fear vs. Overhills 11:30-12:10
Ashley vs. Sanderson 12:15-12:55
Ashley vs. Fuquay-Varina 1:00-1:40
Athens Drive vs. Sanderson 1:45-2:25
Jack Britt vs. Pine Forest 2:30-3:10
Sanderson vs. Lumberton 3:20-4:00
Sanderson vs. Pine Forest 4:05-4:45

Field 3 Football practice field

South View vs. Jack Britt 8:30-9:10
Overhills vs. South View 9:15-9:55
Overhills vs. Scotland 10:00-10:40
Jack Britt vs. Athens 10:45-11:25
Hoke vs. Franklinton 11:30-12:10
Scotland vs. Gray’s Creek 12:15-12:55
Richmond vs. Gray’s Creek 1:00-1:40
Carrboro vs. Jack Britt 1:45-2:25
Fuquay-Varina vs. Lumberton 2:30-3:10
Hoke vs. Fuquay-Varina 3:20-4:00
South View 2 vs. Pine Forest 2 4:05-4:45


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