Weighing the options

Wondering why Kaka turned down a record transfer bid to Manchester City?

Well, it could be the weather, the fact that the Citizens are second fiddle in their own city or the fact that he’d be passing to guys like Jo and Elano.

Or it could be this.

It makes me wonder a few things:

1. Why is David Beckham running his trap about Kaka?

2. Can Real Madrid sign Kaka, then turn around and ink Cristiano Ronaldo as well in the summer transfer window?

3. Does it matter how much money the new owners of Man City have if they can’t convince anyone to come play there?

4. If City goes down (sitting 11th, but only four points clear of the relegation zone), will the ownership group sell?

5. And, off topic, what are the odds that Beckham (on loan at AC Milan) and Landon Donovan (on loan at Bayern Munich) come back to the L.A. Galaxy in March for the new MLS season?

Here are my guesses:

1. Because he likes hearing himself talk.

2. Yes. They’re wealthy.

3. No. And because everyone knows they’re flush with cash, the prices are getting driven up as well.

4. Either that, or they’ll just go out and sign the Russian national team.

5. I say they’re both gone.


2 Responses to “Weighing the options”

  1. Bella Says:

    The source of the Beckham quote used in all of these stories is Diario AS, the Spanish sport newspaper that is hopelessly devoted to Real Madrid. Even in their piece, AS credits an unidentified “friend of Beckham’s” as their source. Some of their columns are great, but their gossip ranges from useless to planted.

    The one thing Beckham’s never done in the past is speak publicly against a club he is playing–or has played–for. It would be absurd to think he would start now against a club, Milan, that is treating him so well, in favor of a club, Real Madrid, that treated him terribly in the end.

    Here are two additional ides for you regarding why Kaka turned down City:

    1) Most players his age not only want to play with great players but to play with them in big tournaments and win trophies, if they can. And he certainly can, but not with City any time soon.

    2) The difference between what the value of his Adidas contract alone, and that’s only one, would be at Milan and at City is big enough that it would be more profitable for him to stay at Milan than to take City’s fee.

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    Those are all excellent points.

    I always take anything reported in the Spanish press with a grain of salt, and this is no exception.

    I do like the fact that Kaka wants to stay in Milan. There’s no doubt that, even though Milan isn’t playing for the Champions League title this year, they’re in a better position than City to do that going forward.

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