Jata impressing at MLS Combine

Campbell standout Richard Jata is trying to turn a few heads at the annual Major League Soccer Combine down in Florida in the run up to Thursday’s Superdraft.

The reviews are mixed, but he is garnering some attention:

Goal.com thinks he has USL (the pro league just below MLS) potential.

3rd Degree also took note of Jata,  saying on day one that he was, “Getting into good areas. Has a nose for the ball and the skill to do some things and enough pace. Quick feet. Came oh so close to making the key play in the second half but never pulled it off. I like this kid a little bit.”

Then, on the second day, they added this:

“Commits three bad fouls trying to play defense in midfield. Should have been carded. Effort on D is there, timing isn’t. His feet are really nice, and he can do great moves… but it doesn’t get results today.”

That comment makes me wonder how far back they had him playing, but I wasn’t there. It’s hard to stand out in such a format, but it will be interesting to see if his trip to Florida bears any professional fruit.  


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