It’s good to be king…

If you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, life is pretty good.

The Portuguese International walked away unharmed after crashing his Ferrari into a barrier earlier this morning (5:20 a.m., our time).

So, just to review, he’s the reigning top player in the world, he’s among the highest paid players around, he’s playing for one of the most famous clubs in the world (Manchester United) and another world giant (Real Madrid) will likely pay the gross national product of Poland to land him this summer.

And he got out of a totaled car, brushed himself off, chatted with police and then went off to train with the Red Devils?

Some folks don’t have to choose between being lucky and good.


6 Responses to “It’s good to be king…”

  1. maca Says:

    now then randy,

    happy new year.

    mr ronaldo was certainly a very lucky man (he showed up for training after the wreck driving an aston martin)

    i actually despise the man……an absolute genius on the field but a person who thinks hes above the game…a cheat with a nasty streak who will one day get his comeuppance !!! i hope I’m there to see it.

    UP THE BORO !!!! (sort of)

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    Yeah, there’s no question that:

    A. He can flat out play
    B. He’s a tool

    Personally, I wish he’d take his act to La Liga. And if Fulham can land Messi, then I’d have everything I want…


  3. maca Says:

    sorry…i mistakenly said that he swapped his ferrari for and aston martin….it was actually a bentley (aston martin was getting an oil change).

  4. Randy Capps Says:

    Yeah, it seems Van de Sar was behind him in a Bentley, and they rode to the training ground together.

    Me, I’m getting around in an 11-year-old Buick.

  5. Dave Roberts Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  6. The Daily Times Says:

    An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?

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