Life on Mars

NFL Players live in a different world than I do.

That’s not exactly news, since our tax brackets are barely in the same tax code.

But lately, just listening to them talk is proof that pro athletes are not in touch with the same reality I am…

1. Thomas Jones goes on Hot 97 in New York and unloads on Brett Favre. I don’t disagree with his assessment of Favre’s late-season play. Heck, he probably deserves more blame than anyone for the Jets’ implosion from 8-3 to out of the playoffs.

But to go on the radio and say all of these things is just cowardly. And it’s not like he was being grilled by somebody at the four letter, either. It was freaking Hot 97!

What is it about ex-Virginia running backs (Tiki Barber) that makes them pop off at the mouth through the media instead of manning up and confronting their teammates face-to-face?

2. Chris Johnson, former ECU standout and rookie running back with Tennessee, is bummed about not winning the Associated Press Rookie of the Year Award.

Gee, no kidding?

Apparently, he thinks the voting is bogus and that Matt Ryan should have not won because he wasn’t selected to the Pro Bowl. Johnson was selected for the meaningless postseason event.

OK, Chris. You made the Pro Bowl. Good for you. You had a heck of a season (1228 rushing yads, nine scores). Ryan did too.

Did it occur to you that perhaps he won the award because he raised his team from the post-Michael Vick, Bobby Petrino morass and led them to the playoffs in his rookie season as a quarterback, traditionally a far more difficult position for first-year players than running back?


Didn’t think so.


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