The love of the game

My wife rolled her eyes when I told her that two FIFA Club World Cup matches were scheduled for the wee hours of the morning today.

But me? I’m dedicated.

Or maybe depraved. It’s hard to tell.

But I duly set the DVR (world’s greatest invention) and watched Al Ahly (Egypt) fall to Adelaide United (Australia) and Manchester United outgun Gamba Osaka (Japan) this morning before arriving at headquarters here in Fayetteville.

I like the idea of a club world cup, but I think the format needs some tweaking. For starters, we need more than one European-based team. Why not toss in the UEFA Cup winner? Another South American squad wouldn’t hurt either. That way, we get a little name recognition for an event that can brighten and otherwise dull part of the year.

Just a thought.

Before I run, here are some highlights from the Red Devils’ 5-3 victory.


6 Responses to “The love of the game”

  1. darron ward Says:

    Good Shout Randy !
    I watched the matches also in sunny Newcastle – England !!
    They should invite a few more “named” teams in, I would love to see more South American / European teams in – it would certainly brighten up the soccer scene this time of year. My moneys on Man U to win it.
    Your beloved Fulham play Maccas Boro this weekend – any prediction ??
    The Toon entertain Spurs – a win for the Toon is a must and will play a major part in their rise above Fulham and thus secure my bet by the end of the season !!
    My son is returning to England during the Christmas break – IS there anything that you would like him to bring back for you soccer wise ???
    If we dont talk before – Have a great Christmas, A Cool Yule and a Crackin 2009 !!!

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    The sun shines in England? Judging by the matches on TV you wouldn’t think it ever did…

    I’d be shocked if Man U didn’t whip Quito, though I do like that guy they have out on the left wing.

    As for Fulham, it’s all about finding the back of the net. One goal in the last four matches doesn’t instill me with a great deal of confidence. But we’re tough at Craven Cottage and should be good enough to clip Boro – much to my soccer coaching friend’s dismay, I’m sure.

    As for Newcastle, they’ll be hosting a side that fielded a first-team unit in Thursday’s UEFA Cup tie. It’s a good spot for the Toon to pick up three points.

    My concern is Michael Owen. Will he be around when the window closes in early February?

    Glad to hear that Jack will get to be home for the holidays. I’ve never seen a sports section from the Times or Guardian. So if I had a request for a souvenir, it would be that.

    All the best to you and yours this Christmas. Have a good Boxing Day too. I’m looking forward to it, as there are three live matches slated for FSC…

  3. darron ward Says:

    So Man U scraped it 1-0, and at the loss of Vidic in the Champiions League ( big loss as he is quality )
    Great win for Fulham and Dempsey on the sheet – you must be pleased both with result and scorer – Macca was most upset when we spoke yesterday !!
    Great win for the Toon, although Spurs had the majority of attacking play ans clear cut chances. However it is all about putting the ball in the “onion bag”and the Toon did it twice. This geordie is smiling.
    Owen has been offered £18 million for 3 years work – he has decided to wait till Summer 09 to decide.
    I think he is waiting to go on a free to a club that is challenging on all fronts – lets wait and see.
    Jacks home his mam has just stopped crying !!
    Gaurdian & Times will be on their way to you in early Jan.
    Best Regards
    Darron & Jack Ward

  4. Randy Capps Says:

    I’m glad Jack gets to be home for the holidays. It’s always good to keep the misses happy.

    Yeah, I was thrilled to see Dempsey on the score sheet. Word is he’s thinking of sticking it out at Fulham, since he seems to have played his way back into Hodgson’s plans.

    I tend to agree about Owen. You have to believe with him approaching 30, he’d like to play some more European football. Of course, if the ownership group in Newcastle weren’t so spotty, maybe he wouldn’t have to move to achieve that.

    But if they think he’s leaving, wouldn’t it make sense to try to sell him in January? That way, at least they get some money in return instead of him waltzing out on a free.

  5. darron ward Says:

    Hello Randy and a Happy New Year to you.
    Fulham still riding high and Dempsey playing well. There is a nice balance to Fulham now, next 3 games are critical in the Premiership to all teams, this is when gaps appear !!
    Toon Sunderland & Boro – not much between them which is sad.
    3 poor teams at the moment.
    Jack will be contacting you to pass on both Times & Gaurdian sports editions not sure when as he is as slow off the pitch as he is on it !!!
    Up the Toon !!!!!

  6. Randy Capps Says:

    It would be about time for some gaps, wouldn’t it?

    Jack’s a true No. 9. He’s a target man, not a rabbit…

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