Dish Network and Gol TV

I can’t tell you how much I’m missing not having La Liga matches (and to a lesser extent, Bundesliga matches) on my Dish Network. As I have written extensively in my personal blog (here, here and here) Dish Network and Gol TV have been sniping about usage fees for the better part of six months now, culminating with Dish showing Gol TV the red card back in August.

I was wondering why they haven’t gotten it resolved by now.

It seems I’ve found the answer. Apparently, they’re duking it out in court.

For crying out loud, just give me back my soccer.


5 Responses to “Dish Network and Gol TV”

  1. Dish Network and Gol TV still fighting « The Sports Page Says:

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  2. Dave O'Brien Says:

    Question: What ten words, when spoken in this very particular order, are sure to make any real American sports fan roll on the floor in laughter?

    Answer: “For crying out loud, just give me back my soccer.”


    I say that in jest.

    While I will, of course, hope for the best for Team USA in international play, my heart lies with the Three Lions. I know Greg Phillips will back me up on the that one…

  3. Randy Capps Says:

    I imagine it’s much easier to be a supporter of the red, white and blue than it is to support the Three Lions.

    No one is surprised when the U.S. flames out of a World Cup. Everyone expects the world out of an England side.

  4. Sari Says:

    Dear Randy,
    it seems to me that you are among the few who tried hard to bring back GolTv…. I had been one too. I tried hard and talked to their marketing
    department…. all I got to is each side blaming the other for unreasonable fees…..
    Well what is unreasonable is that GolTv is giving Directv a rght of exclusivity
    to the Spanish and German Leagues and that is not fair by any standard
    since we pay almost the same fees.

    Any ideas of what we could do next ?? before August comes in and we watch
    another season on fogged streaming web coverage…

    I would like to cooperate with you and join efforts.
    Please contact me if you like to discuss that.

    Dallas, Texas

  5. Robert Says:


    I am with you. I would be happy to join to see what we can come up with.


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