Premiership update

Every time I get ready to shovel dirt on Arsenal, the Gunners get an unexpected result.

The 2-1 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was massive, and though Arsene Wenger’s club still sits seven points back of the front-running Blues, the win keeps the youthful Gunners in a Champions League spot, one point ahead of fifth-place Aston Villa.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has hit a bad run of form. Luis Lelipe Scolari will apparently have to make due with his already star-studded team sheet as team chief Peter Kenyon has said that the club will not be shopping in the January transfer window.

Hard for me to muster much sympathy for a team that, when fully healthy, boasts one of the best collections of talent in the world.

A look at the table reveals that Liverpool can take first place later today when it hosts West Ham at Anfield. I think the Reds will get at least a point, helping them start December on top of the table.

Darron Ward’s favorite club, Newcastle, forced a draw with Andrew McCarthy’s favorite side, Middlesbrough in the Tyne-Tees Derby. If you’re keeping up with the friendly wager Darron and I have, Fulham is four points clear of the Magpies with a game in hand.

The Whites got a point away to Aston Villa, which I must admit is a very good result against a team that’s threatening to crack the top four.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the table, West Brom and Blackburn remain stuck in the relegation zone while Sunderland also sits there on goal difference behind Newcastle and surging Tottenham.

Here’s a glance at the Fox Soccer Channel schedule, and if you’re lucky enough to have Setanta, here’s their schedule of soccer matches for the week.

If anyone’s still looking for a gift idea for me, a Setanta subscription for my home Dish Network would be nice. I don’t think I have enough tenure to ask Fayetteville Publishing for an extra $15 a month for me to watch more TV…


2 Responses to “Premiership update”

  1. darron ward Says:

    Hi Randy
    Yes I am keeping up and my wager is looking quite “sick” at the moment.
    I am the eternal optomist, you have to be supporting the Toon, so just remember it is a long season !!
    Best footballing side in the Premiership at the moment is Arsenal – youth, flair, creativity and honesty – Pleasure to watch.
    Up the Toon !!!!

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    I like watching Arsenal play when they’re facing another top side (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, etc.) but they really look out of sort against teams that bully them, like Hull and Stoke.

    I was talking with our resident Englishman and Spurs supporter, Greg Phillips, and he and I are both amazed at how the Gunners raise their game against technically-sound sides but struggle against the more bruising units.

    It’s one of the reasons I enjoy the game. There are so many different ways to be successful.

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