Monday musings

My wife kicked my rear end in fantasy football this weekend, likely ending my playoff hopes.

On the plus side, we spent the better part of Sunday in a pretty good sports bar (Sammy’s in Raleigh), so it could have been worse.

Anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

1. The Colts got a huge win in San Diego last night. Yeah, the Chargers are not exactly high wattage this year, but they lit up the Jets and Patriots in prime-time home games this year. That 23-20 win is huge for the Colts, who most folks had written off just a few weeks back.

2. Texas Tech got exposed Saturday night. Hope you didn’t take the Red Raiders and seven like some people I could name…

3. Does anybody want to win the ACC? Other than Boston College, it doesn’t look like anyone wants to go to Tampa for the ACC title game.

4. I’m wondering if Dabo Swinney can hold on to the Clemson job if he beats South Carolina. Personally, I think they’re going after a big name no matter what.

5. The BCS is a sham. Oklahoma is going to play for the national championship, but Texas is 10 points better than the Sooners on a neutral field? The one thing I’m hoping for out of an Obama administration is a football playoff. This nonsense must end.



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