No soup for Campbell

OK, pardon the bad headline pun, but the Camels’ soccer team was left out of the NCAA College Cup tournament yesterday when it did not receive an at-large bid.

Unfortunately, when you play in a small conference like the Atlantic Sun, winning that conference tournament is a virtual must. Jacksonville, the team that clipped Campbell in Saturday’s A-Sun tournament final, got the automatic bid. And considering that the Dolphins and their RPI rating in the low 120s is the next best team in the A-Sun after the Camels, it’s not tough to see why the boys from Buies Creek were left out.

My complaint with the 48-team bracket is this: Why do we need 16 teams – a third of the field – from just three leagues? Is the ACC, Big East and Big Ten that superior to the rest of the NCAA?

Sure, Campbell could have won the tournament final. And yes, wins over teams like UNC Greensboro and Loyola would have helped. But a perfect run through the A-Sun regular season, and a win over a seeded team in the College Cup (North Carolina) should have counted for something.

So, the age old question is this: If I were to include Campbell, who would I bounce?

Glad you asked.

Harvard (11-5) would be a good choice.

Why does a team that played outside of New England twice all season, splitting two games with Duke and N.C. State, get in ahead of Campbell? Shouldn’t they stay home and study?

I hate it for the guys. But in this system, you’ve got to take it out of the committee’s hands.


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