It’s a busy weekend…

There will be plenty of soccer to enjoy around the world this weekend.

Of course, Darron and I will be watching the Newcastle/Fulham match with great interest Sunday morning.


Anyway, to get you in the mood, here’s a strike from Ronaldinho that got AC Milan all three points in its UEFA Cup tie with Braga on Thursday:


3 Responses to “It’s a busy weekend…”

  1. darron ward Says:

    Before the game I would have settled for a point. During the game at 1-1 I expected 3. Then up pops or should I say down goes MR Johnson again.
    AJ is not the most popular soccer player with fans or players – he does have a stigma that travels with him wherever he goes.
    The penalty was 70-30 in his favour but the earlier tackle by Johnson ( I think ) should have warranted a foul and game stopped – then no penalty.
    You win some you lose some.
    Anyway Dempsey got on the pitch which should have made you happy.
    Owen missed a howler in front of Capello – strange how he wanted to play that game wasn’t it !
    Anyway down to 3rd bottom when could have up to 10th. It is going to be a tight league this year.
    The bet still holds good !!

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    Not to quibble, but it could have been a 2-0 score line, as Newcastle’s goal came from a player who looked to be in an offside position.

    I loved the cutaway to Capello after Owen’s miss. It was priceless.

    There isn’t much between the 10th place and the drop, that’s for sure. Should make for a fun ride.

  3. darron ward Says:

    Aye Randy – Fabios face was a dream. He would not make a very good poker player !!
    After last nights Arsenal performance FIFA should ask Arsne Wenger and his coaching staff to write all coaching manuals.
    They were absolutely outstanding – and he played all his young kids, some only 16 and 17. They were an absolute joy to watch.
    I saw the “beautiful game” last night.
    Up the Toon !!
    Up the Boro !! ( macca told me to say that !! )

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