Praising Bud

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m going to praise Major League Baseball Commissioner Bid Selig.

Why? For having the guts to ignore a long-standing baseball rule allowing for games to become official after five innings and declare that no World Series game would be stopped before nine innings were completed.

Some people, mainly in Philadelphia, are whining. But while Selig’s reign will be remembered for the shame of the steroid era and the stupidity of the tie in an all-star game, this marks a stunning show of courage that none of his peers would dare display.

Remember when the incident between the Spurs and Suns resulted in the suspension of a pair of Suns’ players in the Western Conference finals a couple of years back? We had David Stern, hiding behind the rulebook and enforcing suspensions for guys who left the bench to check on Steve Nash, who had been checked, hockey-style, into the scorer’s table. It absolutely decided the outcome.

Can you imagine Roger Goodell having the stones to stray away from the rulebook in the best interests of the game? The No Fun League? You must be joking.

Good for you, Bud Selig. I don’t care if it takes until November. I want my baseball champion decided on the field.



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