More on XM/Sirius

I want to like this merger. I really do.

But I need to understand it first, right?

The “best of” plans are out. The Best of Sirius plan offers XM subscribers the Howard Stern channels, NFL, NBA, NASCAR and Playboy Radio.

Anyway, the Best of XM plan offers Sirius subscribers access to the Oprah Winfrey channel, the Virus channel (home of radio duo Opie and Anthony), XM Public Radio (home of Bob Edwards), live coverage of the PGA Tour and select NBA and NHL games.

All of this adds $4.04 to your bill.

Now, the early a la carte plans are out. For Sirius, there’s a decent plan out, but notice the lack of MLB coverage. It costs $14.99. You also new a new radio. It rings up for about $130.

For XM listeners, you’re pretty much hosed on the a la carte front. You do have some options to lower your bill, however.

The verdict? Undecided. I really would like to add the NFL and Premier League games to my radio options, but that choice isn’t available now.  And I’m not giving up MLB to get them, either.

I’m hoping that an all-sports package becomes available some time soon. Until then, they’re not getting any more of my money.


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